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Hello all

I am having a problem with redirecting a page to the same page when I add some additional parameters to the URL.

Let me explain the flow.

I have a SEARCH box in the home page, I type in some values, click on SEARCH, it takes the user to the result page. In the result page again I have a input box which stores the current search string.

For the result screen, the implementation is, add some values along with the the value present inside the input box, append the values to the existing URL and do the redirection. But this is not happening. I am pasting the function which does the redirection. The other thing is I have a button next to the input box on click of which it calls the same set of functions and it works perfectly fine but when I press enter and call the same set of function it doesnt work.

Please let me know where I have gone wrong. Or is there any other alternative.

 function doSearch(mtext) {
  mtext = trimSpace(mtext);  //calls the function to trim the junks from the string
  mtext = escape(mtext);
  var murl = "?q=";
  if(mtext == '' || mtext == ' ') {
   murl += "&emptyQueryText=true";
   window.location.href = murl;
  murl += removeSpecialChar(tmext)+"&epi-content=ccc_search";
  window.location.href = murl;
  return false;

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gops1Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:

I have found the solution for it. Actually I was trying to implment by capturing the Enter key press and submitting the Form. But this is not required if you have onsubmit and get method in your form tag itself.

Can any one let me know how can I close this query and get the points back.

Thank you all
So are you saying that if you put in your own "mtext" you are unable to get it to work?  But if you do not put in an mtext (ie : an empty string for mtext) then it does work?

Your problem might be this :  removeSpecialChar(tmext)  ... you spelled mtext wrong... so your 'murl' is going to be an empty string...

sorry pardon me, your "murl" is going to be only "?q=&epi-content=ccc_search"  So your query is going to be empty... .. where I think you want it to have mtext in there after ?q= ..

Perhaps I misunderstood the questino however,

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gops1Author Commented:
What is happening currently is, instead of appending to the search URL, it appends the input box name and the value stored in it.
ah glad you figured it out,

to request a Refund goto :
and post asking for the question to be deleted / points refund.

gops1Author Commented:
Thanks a lot sinclair
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