Dell D600 BIOS question

We have a Dell D600 and some of the information you can change and some you can't.

Is this locked or is it just picking of information things it finds about hardware that is installed.

Also I noticed that My 1.6Ghz laptop is sitting at 600mhz.  What is the keystroke to change that back?

Anyone have any info on these type laptops?
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CallandorConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The things you can't change are set and can't be changed, due to the actual hardware.  The D600 has a Pentium-M processor, which uses SpeedStep to slow down the processor when not in use to conserve power.  I think there is a setting in the BIOS power management to force it to run at full speed all the time, if that is what you want.
those systems will run at a slower clock speed if the ac adaptor is not plugged in, is this what's happening?
Hello Targetuser,

If you have your Laptop on batteries ( without the ac adapter connected to it ) and still wants to have the max perfromance, then download this utility and install it on your laptop ( D600 )

After starting the program, it automatically minimizes itself into the system tray. It can be identified by one of four different icons which indicate the current CPU policy:

From the Policy , set it to use " Max performance " ( This is given in Picture explanantion on the Link )

But if you do not want to download the utility, then you can use the Windows Power Schemes to do this job for you. You will need the Power Option Set to " Always ON "

For More info in going to the Power Schemes, click this link

NOTE : Your D600 Laptop is designed to use Varying CPU Speed ( Intel Speed Step Processor Technology ) or at a lower speed when it runs on Battery. This is just to conserve the battery. However depending on the Requirement the CPU steps ups its performance even if it runs on battery. So you should'nt worry about this unless you need the max speed at all times ( that is even if the system is idle ). The system will run at Full Speed when you run it on Ac adapter or with both batt and ac adapter.

You can notice the difference in brightness when you have the ac adapter taken off. This is nothing but your Laptop is intelligent enough to give you the maximum benefit when you run it on battery. She is good companion when you need her the most ;)

Hope this Info Helps

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The "D600" system is not one that I am aware of.
look through the listing of model numbers at the following link. You should be able to find the information you require, or list the real model number here and maybe we can help.
the D600 is infact a dell system, the link you posted goes to the dimension line (consumer desktop machines), the d600 is a portable machine marketed toward business, it's part of the latitude line.
appropriate link:
Hi again,

I downloaded your system's user guide.
It seems to suggest that you can tell the system to run at full speed even if you are not using AC power.
It is listed under the 'Power Management' tab, sub-listing 'Power Options Properties' or 'Intel SpeedStep® Technology Tab'.

I hope this helps,
Even if you want the Run at Full Speed on Battery Follow my Previous COmment.

Install SpeedSwitch or Use the desired settings in Power Options.

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