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I'm using Verizon DSL service and Netgear MR814 wireless router with windows XP. Seems that the connection was working fine until I changed the settings on directly and I now cannot ping the page to change the settings back. Seems that unintentionally I've deleted my own computer as an autorized machine.

How can I change the settings back and let my own machine to loggin?

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jppoulinConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You may want to release and renew your IP address on Windows XP
Click the Start menu in the lower left hand part of the screen.
Click Run.
In the space provided type "ipconfig /release" and click OK. (Note that there is a space between ipconfig and the /release.)
Type "ipconfig /renew". (Note that there is a space between ipconfig and the /renew. )
Change it back to DHCP on your computer and get into the router and
check out the security setting. If all else fails hit the reset button on the
router and get back out the old manual and reconfigure everything
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