Removing DNS,DHCP and Active Directory

I was Setting up My DNS,DHCP and Active in my windows 2000 Advanced server
But at now I want To Return To previous state(without DNS,DHCP, Active Drirectory)
How can I do this Work in my computer?

Thanks in advance For Your Helps
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ndy78Connect With a Mentor Commented:
First remove the Active Directory using dcpromo.

Then uninstall the dns and dhcp services using the software icon (windows components).
shirinAuthor Commented:
what is the dcpromo?
is it existe on resource kit?
shirinAuthor Commented:
>>Then uninstall the dns and dhcp services using the software icon (windows components).
How and Where?
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shirinAuthor Commented:
About Dcpromo i run it and i fount it didnt relate to resouce kit.
but about unistallting Dns,DHCP
Where and How ?
shirinAuthor Commented:
I m Sorry
Your purpose is add/Remove windows components that existed on
Control Panel --> add remove programs --> add/ remove windows Components


I am sorry. I am from Germany, with a German OS and I didn't know the exact translation for "Systemsteuerung\Software\Windows Komponenten hinzufügen und entfernen" ;-))
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