Display settings in win2k group policy

I want to apply a group policy to my win2k domain that stops users playing around with displays, scrensavers, themes and items.  I know how to enable the group policy and how to restrcit access to the various items, what I am having difficulties is finding  a way of remotley changing all the displays to no display (change back to the windows default display) without walking around to every machine.

Anybody have any idea's?
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DanGilbertTXConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Yes, you will need to be a domain admin or at least be delegated authority to manage the OU you are applying the Group Policy to. You don't necessarily have to login to the machine as a domain admin. The easy way to do it is to use the RunAs functionality. For that, just do SHIFT + RIGHT CLICK on Active Directory Users & Computers and the second option will be RunAs. Click on that and then put in the credentials that have the rights to apply Group Policy to the domain in the bottom box there. That will start up ADU&C as that username. Note, you can do this for any program/shortcut except for Explorer.
Do you use roaming profiles? If so, you can rename the NTUSER.DAT files to NTUSER.MAN files. This will make the settings of that profile mandatory.
Well, I was able to change it using Windows XP SP2. Basically what you will need to do is run Active Directory Users & Computers from a WinXP box (don't know if it has to be SP2 or not, but that is what I have and it works). You may have to load the AdminPak if you haven't already (let me know if you need a link to it). Go to the following policy:

User Settings \ Administrative Templates \ Control Panel \ Display \ Desktop Themes

The last policy down there is "Load a specific visual style file or force Windows Classic". That is what you want to set. Look at the explanation tab for info on how to set it to what you want.

NOTE: This is not in Windows 2000 by default, but you will see it in AD Users & Computers from Win2k AFTER you have connected once from a WinXP machine.
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cablandAuthor Commented:
CDOP, there are no roaming profiles in use.

DanGilbertX, can you post a link to the Adminpak please.

cablandAuthor Commented:
Do I need to be logged onto the domain as the domain admin?  The option to edit the group policy is greyed out?
cablandAuthor Commented:
cracked it, points are yours DanGilbertTX
Thanks. Glad you got it working.
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