Problems installing Office 2003 SP3

I have downloaded SP3 for Office 2003.  During the install it is looking for a file.  I thought it should be on the disk but I am asked for owc10se.msi and on the disk that I installed Office 2003 there are only the following *.msi files - OWC10.MSI - OWC11.MSI - OWC11N.MSI.  The other serivce pack installed without incident.  

Where can I find the file necessary?  
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I normally do this and hence I would like you to try this
Go to control panel ----> add/remove programs
Click on microsoft office 2003 and press Remove .
Uninstall it

Restart the computer

Insert the office 2003 CD and install it fully.
Restart the machine and check all office applications work fine.

Now go to 
click on updates and it will surely tell you there are updates.

Install the updates. During installing ,it would surely ask for your office 2003 CD. Insert the office 2003 CD and check what happens.

Post back how it goes
Hi Fridkis,

Did you go to and downloaded the update or seperately going to any website
Try downloading it here

and see if it would install.

Well I have worked with office 2002 and it never complained anything while installing updates.

Why dont you uninstall office 2003 fully and then reinstall it and install the update. Check if that would easily help solving the issue

FridkisAuthor Commented:
I downloaded it and the other service packs.  When it balked, I just installed the first SP.  That went without a hitch.

I tried reinstalling all of Office - not uninstalling and reinstalling - There is a choice for that when you choose repair or reinstall.  I used the Office pro disk I have.  I don't understand why my disk doesn't have msi file it wants.
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FridkisAuthor Commented:
OK,  I was trying to avoid doing this tonight, hoping for a short cut.  But I will do it.  I'm sure you are right.  I will let you know.
FridkisAuthor Commented:
I did a full uninstall, rebooted, and reinstalled and . . . THE SAME PROBLEM.  Here is exactly what I get.  The heading of the box says "Microsoft Office XP Components"  It states:  The feature you are trying to use is on a network resource that is unavailable.   Click OK or enter an alternative path to a folder containing the installation package lwc10se.ms1 in the box below.

What I am showing in the box is a server of a place that I work at sometimes.

This is a mystery


Try this
Download and run this

If it asks you to repair , repair it.
Restart the machine and now check to see if you can install the updates
FridkisAuthor Commented:
That didn't help the problem either.

I have looked in the registry and find that there are keys in the registry pointing to the folder mentioned before that is located on another netowrk.  I have looked remotely at the other network and can't find the errent msi file there either.

Here are the keys







and there are a few more too.

The keys all have \\server2000\Raiser's edge\webocx   I think this where the answer lies.  There are lots of things that don't get uninstalled when you install these programs and they remember the files they were connected to and the configuration.  Should I do something about these keys?

could this be related to another problem that has to do with installing from and administrative point if yes then you could take a look at this KB
FridkisAuthor Commented:
Good morning,

I am in the process of downloading SP3 and I noticed that it is for the following products.

Office XP SP3 applies to the following Office XP suites and programs:
Microsoft Office XP Professional
Microsoft Office XP Professional with Microsoft FrontPage®
Microsoft Office XP Standard
Microsoft Office XP Standard for Students and Teachers
Microsoft Office XP Small Business edition
Microsoft Access 2002
Microsoft Excel 2002
Microsoft FrontPage® 2002
Microsoft Outlook® 2002
Microsoft PowerPoint® 2002
Microsoft Word 2002
Microsoft Publisher 2002
Microsoft Office XP Web Components

I am using Office 2003.  Does this Service Pack apply to me??
FridkisAuthor Commented:
When I go to the download center and let it scan the computer for needed SPs it shows the SP3 for XP.   I tried this on another computer running Office 2003 and it doesn't point me to that SP at all.
no office 2003 uses only sp1
you don't need to install sp3 for office xp on a office 2003 machine
FridkisAuthor Commented:

This is all very confusing.  This all started because I was led to the Microsoft 2003 download site because of a crash and it was suggested that I downolad the lastest service pack.  It is the 2003
 Check for Updates
  New updates - Office 2003-  My computer was scanned and it suggested the updates.  I just tried it again and it still suggests XPService pack 3.  I didn't notice the XP and I guess neither of you did either.  My original question said " have downloaded SP3 for Office 2003."  I could have save a lot of time if I had known.

I still wonder what it is about the computer that suggests to the download site that I am running XP.  
from the discussion i assumed it was about office xp and the title was mistakenly having office 2003, most of the time ms office will come with the update / download message after a crash of one of the apps

why it comes with an xp update for your 2003 installation is a bit odd, maybe you should send them a little email asking the same question could be that you originally activated and registered office xp some time ago and upgraded to 2003 in the meantime and something went wrong on the otehr side who knows

at least you can update now if needed and be prepared next time around when seeing an update message to look twice at the advice
FridkisAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your help and advise.
Raisers Edge installs some componenets that embed themselveves into Outlook. These components do not check the level of office first unfortunately and have this effect when trying to update or patch.

To get rid of it uninstall Office and Raiser's Edge completely, delete all corresponding entries for RE and the registry entries previously mentioned. Reboot and reinstall office.

Raiser's Edge is a program used by fund raisers to manage the process of fund raising. If you use this application just ignore the request to upgrade or patch SP3.

Hope this helps!
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