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trying to install ati radeon 9600 all-in-wonder on VIA KM266 GA-7VKML motherboard win xp (compatiblity/driver issue?)

Ok, where to begin....
I thought it would be fun to get a new video card to play some 3d games and import video and tv shows.
I shopped around and got a brand new ati all-in-wonder radeon 9600.  Well, I got the video card, read the instruction manual, followed it step by step, and got slammed with a brick wall.  Here's what happened:

step 1) check in device manager for the existing agp controller, (found VIA CPU to AGP Controller) I uninstalled it.  done, no errors
step 2) download new driver set: (via_hyperion 4 in 1_v453v.zip from www.viaarena.com)
step 3) installed driver set. still no errors
step 4) checked in add/remove programs list for existing VGA driver, found it ok (s3ProSavage DDR), removed it, no errors.
step 5) I looked around for a way to "turn off" the VGA funtionality that's built into my mother board, but couldn't find anything helpful, I did find a reference on a webpage that stated something to the effect that the motherboard will sense the new AGP video card and disable the integrated video.
step 6) Powered off computer and installed new ati video card, then I connected the monitor to the VGA-1 output plug of the new card.
step 7) Turned on the computer with visions of the newest 3d games racing through my mind... all I got was some beeps and a blank (black) screen.
step 8) I wasn't sure what to do, and I had read about the mysterious GART driver that could cause a black screen, so I turned off the computer at the power button, opened it up and yanked (it was a very gentle yank) the ati video card out of the motherboard.
step 9) After plugging the monitor cable back into the integrated VGA port, I turned on the computer and was met with a mixture of problems.
If I remember correctly, the first round of errors I got said "FDC error or failure, press F1 to continue"  When pressing F1, the system was still frozen, I had to power off at the switch.  I got online with my trusty G4 powerbook and rooted around on the web for what the error meant, I found out it referred to the floppy drive or controller.  So I unplugged the floppy drive from the board and disabled it from the motherboard.  I still got the same error the next few times I booted, then it went away and I got a new blue screen error stating that my motherboard wasn't "acpi compliant"... that puzzled me a bit.  I tried changing the acpi settings in the bios (there are only two settings to pick from), neither one appeared to fix things.  I tried safe mode and last known good configuration, I even tried booting from a WinPE boot disk, and still got the same blue screen acpi stop error.  I unplugged every single thing from my motherboard (I had several pci cards installed).  The only thing I left installed was the IDE 0 HDD, the monitor, and the mouse and keyboard.  I booted it and still got the blue screen acpi error.  Now this is where it really gets weird (and frustrating), almost at random, I flip the power on and it boots into windows.  So I breath a sigh of relief that I didn't roast my system completely.  I plugged my peripherals back in one at a time and reinstalled the drivers for the built in vga and it seems to work fine now.

Believe it or not, I went through the entire ordeal a second time to try and figure it out (because I thought to myself "it couldn't be that hard and I work for Microsoft doing tech support, I ought to be able to fix this").  Well, obviously, I'm not that smart and not that good at fixing things.  :-)  I've depended on this website as a source many many times so I know my money is well placed.  Please post what suggestions and experiences you have that might help me out.

My main questions are these:

1) Can I make this combination of motherboard/chipset and video card work? (I'd prefer to make it work with my current motherboard because I'm short on money after buying the video card)

2) Would it be better for me to just buy a newer motherboard that is more compatible? and if so, how do I know if the new motherboard is truly compatible?  (Because according to the manufacturers the one I have now should be working but it is not.)

And 3) Did I buy a junky video card that will be a headache no matter what motherboard I use?  (If so, please help me find a comparable one that will work better.)

 BTW this is the first time I've posted a question here as a registered-paying user and I'm not sure how all the points work, so if you have suggestions about that, I'd appreciate it as well.

Here is some more info that might help:
windows xp HE sp1
AMD Athlon XP 1700+
512 MB RAM (480MB after the integrated Video steals some)
the motherboard is a Gigabyte GA-7VKML with VIA Km266 chipset
I've had this system for about 18 months and it's always worked well for me, until now. :-)
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1 Solution

Hi Hessianator

In BIOS section PNP/PCI there is a menu option called ONCHIP VGA frame buffer set this to none.

Change your VGA adapter to standard vga

remove your previous video driver

Shut down pc and insert new card.

Power up and let windows find the new card and point it to your drivers cd or newest driver download.

If this  does not work you might want to check if the 9600 card works in another pc. It could be defective.

HessianatorAuthor Commented:
do I change the VGA adapter to standard vga in the BIOS?
and the instructions that came with the video card said to cancel the "found new hardware wizard" and run the driver installation straight from the CD provided.  Does it make much of a difference which way I install the drivers?  I'll try the PNP/PCI setting when my PC is finished backing up.  I'm not making any more major changes until I have a good ghost image.
My suggestion is to update BIOS firmware if applicable;

I saw a thread describing the same technical issues you are experiencing; it seems you are not alone... and guess what; that thread is via VIA forums:

Follow this thread, it has a solution but learn it and see if it machs your state:

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HessianatorAuthor Commented:
yeah, cyber, I read through that thread last night while I was banging my head against the wall trying to figure this out.  It's an interesting discussion they have going on there, but I can't see any solution in it.  The only thing I can get from that is that my mother board is the problem and I should buy a new one... but how will I know what kind to get that will work better than the one I have now?  It seems terribly rediculous to me that two major manufacturers like VIA and ATI would have such major conflicts.  But the facts remain.

And that thread doesn't exactly match my problem either.  I can't even boot into windows with the video card installed.  When I put it in the AGP slot and reboot, the system freezes and then it takes me forever to randomly try things until I can boot again.  It's a major headache.
That is the exact solution they offer but, before that; did you try to update the bios?

Here is the link for the BIOS update:

HessianatorAuthor Commented:
Yeah, I did update the BIOS, it didn't make any difference.  I updated the BIOS after I started getting the "non apci compliant BIOS" blue stop screen.   I was hoping that the updated BIOS would fix it, but it didn't.  Sorry, I forgot to post that in my original question.
Hi Hessianator

In BIOS section PNP/PCI there is a menu option called ONCHIP VGA frame buffer set this to none.
Set agp option to highest available 4X i think

Change your VGA adapter to standard vga in display options( right click empty desktop... )

remove your previous video driver
remove your current vgart driver(via one)

Install your new video driver

Shut down pc and insert new card.

Power up and let windows find the new video card

If this  does not work you might want to check if the 9600 card works in another pc. It could be defective

FDC error or failure, press F1 to continue

Means that floppy disk controller (FDC) built into the motherboard has failed and you might have to replace the motherboard .
You could easily try this :

remove the floppy drive.
remove all peripherals except KB,mouse,monitor and speakers.keep the card attached inside the cpu.
Boot up in the safe mode by pressing F8 while booting up .
now start->run->all programs ->accessories->systemtools ->system restore
choose restore my computer to an earlier time and click next .click on a bold date (not all dates are in bold )
This date has to one before you started to make any installs for the video card .
That is going back in time .
Now download the latest driver for your card from their website or from the CD that normally comes with the card.
the computer will reboot on its own into normal mode .
Now restart again after it boots to desktop and this time keep tapping the F2 key while booting to go into the bios .
press alt+f then alt +e and then alt +b.this will reboot automatically.
this will reset the bios settings related to all the
hardware changes you have made .
now go on adding the devices one by one .
Note printer drivers and usb devices are known to conflict with some card drivers.

1. write an email to the manufacturer not the vendor of the card for the drivers and the compatibility issue .
2.dont buy a MOBO (motherboard ) to suit a card .
Buy a MOBO that will give u a long term service .
Original MOBO s are very heavily priced.
3.onboard video gets automatically disabled when u install the card .
You will need to change  the floppy drive cable and check the floppy drive works or not.But after putting the floppy drive dont forget reset default step viz.,
 keep tapping the F2 key while booting to go into the bios .
press alt+f then alt +e and then alt +b.this will reboot automatically.Please let me know .The steps might save you from buying a new heavily priced MOBO.

Best regards and wishes
cap and gloves
HessianatorAuthor Commented:
ok, I'm back in school and working again (my mon-fri schedule is very busy), so I'll try these suggestions the first chance I get (might not be until the weekend though).
thanks for the help, I'll report back after I've given it a try.
HessianatorAuthor Commented:
I have tried all the suggestion posted so far and none of them have been successful.  I am very frustrated about the whole thing, but such is life right?  So.. I am selling the video card to my neighbor and I'm going to buy a new MoBo and nvidia video card.
thanks for all the suggestions, I appreciate it.
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