Help: Radeon 9100 - AGP Acceleration

AGP acceleration was disabled in Catalyst Driver Suite 3.9 which is on the CD I got from Crucial, therefore I downloaded Catalyst Driver Suite 4.3 and was able to enable it. Now, on the other hand, my computer had a crashdown and I had to reinstall Windows, and install the driver suite once more. And now I cannot enable AGP acceleration again...

Any ideas on how to enable AGP acceleration?

Has already been tested, nothing unusual to it. It says Full Hardware Acceleration...
Gaute RønningenOwner, DeveloperAsked:
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stockhesConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Chipset drivers ?
Gaute RønningenOwner, DeveloperAuthor Commented:
Installed chipset drivers and now it works again.

Gaute RønningenOwner, DeveloperAuthor Commented:
Maybe a little overkill by adding 500 points to this resolution though...

I'm sure stockhes doesn't mind...
sure he does not ! ^_^
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