How to print multiple pages on a single page through Adobe acrobat 6.0

I wonder if any body could help solve my problem. You must be aware that we can get multiple prints on a single page in power point by selecting the "Handouts" and "slides per page" options in the print dialog box.
I want to know as to  how multiple pages can be got printed on a single page through acrobat reader 6.0.
Thank You
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AnilConnect With a Mentor Data ManagerCommented:
    Upon clicking print in any application, choose the ADOBE PDF printer, then next to this drop down menu containing the list of printers is a button called properties. Click it and a new menu with the following tabs should appear: Layour, paper /Quality, Adobe PDF Settings.

On the layout tab, is a drop down menu where you can choose pages per sheet. (1,2, 4, ..)
Hope this helps you.

u can use this utility called handy print
Most recent printers are able to do this by themselves without extra software, thats assuming your printing this on to paper. If you are just click print - select your printer - go to preferences and look for a tab called finishing or something along those lines. There is usually a pages per sheet option for you to change.
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