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KB832880 (Critical Update) Installation fails

Hi,  I hope someone can help.
Brand new install of 2003 SBS.  No errors during install.  Cannot access company intranet web site that sbs usually just sets up easily.  Figured I would do all updates and then look into it.  Found this update and it will not install.  Neither will the Security update 819696 install.  Have done a few cold boots to try to resolve, no help.  

The KB832880 is supposed to fix the below problem.
“Installation of intranet component and browsing to http://companyweb fail in Windows Small Business Server 2003.”

Anyone run into this before?
1 Solution
Please see this link for additional information about this issue:


To verify that this isn't a DNS problem try to connect using the IP address of the server:  HTTP://xx.xx.xx.xx

Thank you,

Joe Poandl MCSE

4rgAuthor Commented:
I get the same error.
Alvin PetittCommented:
Uh, am I missing something or does this answer NOT answer the question? I have the same problem of the critical update KB832880 failing during installation. The URL reference above only takes you to a description of the problem that KB832880 is supposed to fix. I can't get the update to install. It continues to fail during installation with no other information. Can anyone shed some light on what to do next?

Thanks in advance...
Looks like nobody has provided asolution to this one yet.  The key item that we need help on with this is the "FIX" KB832880 fails with a fatal error.  We need a fix for the fix.  Anyone got any ideas how to get through this.  I have a brand new install of SBS 2003 and the companyweb pages do not work and I need to get this part working.  

Thanks in advance,

SBS 2003 Retail Box, no service packs or R2 in a new ML150 G6 with 4GB RAM, 4x1GB SATA HDD's composing 2xRaid 1 1TB volumes utilizing the motherboard RAID.  BIOS and all firmwares are up to date.

Sharepoint Services installation failed during the SBS 2k3 installation process.  KB832880 fails with a fatal error,

I tried:

Deleting all temporary files from C:\Windows\temp and cleared my temporary Internet files then running the update - no help.

Installing MDAC 2.8 then running the update - no help

Replacing the oledb32.dll file per an archived SBS Diva post found in Googles cache: http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:AtjSsijXVkcJ:msmvps.com/blogs/bradley/archive/2004/02/21/3118.aspx+832880+sbs+diva&cd=3&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=us&source=www.google.com then running the update - no help

Ran Windows Update and installed Service Pack 2 - setup completed but Companyweb was STILL BROKEN, and the update would not run.

Installed the balance of the Windows Updates (114 of them as of 1-Feb-2011) and tested - NO RESULTS.

Since this was a fresh install I had no data loaded and decided to try the following:

***Changed the system date and time to February of 2003***
Successfully completed setup, dialed date and time back to the present in order to allow MS Update to work.


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