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Re Boot Problem

Anyone have any ideas on what would cause the computer to suddenly reboot .Could it be a virus or trojan?
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Yes could be a virus, but is more likely going to be a faulty Hard disk, or other hardware inside your machine.  Consider your hard drive failing on your machien for whatever reason and you get a reboot.  Consider a loss of power in your machine then you can get a reboot.  Consider hardware overheating such as CPU or graphics cards then you can get a reboot.

In short there could be many things but those are some of the most common problems.  Question yourself have you done anything recently to the machine?  Upgraded maybe?  

Runa virus scan for free at Trend Micro site http://housecall.antivirus.com/housecall/start_frame.asp

I hope you find one your problem is due to something I have said.

good luck

I'll second what pjcrooks2000 said, yes, it most likely is a malware problem. If you are not running with the latest security patches then your machine is most likely having an exploit run against it. A virus requires interaction, but a worm does not. A worm can crash your LSASS within 30 seconds of you booting your machine if you're connected to the network.

Do you get any messages before the machine reboots? And does it still happen if your machine is not connected to the network?

If you don't have any antivirus software installed I would highly recommend that you install some. I prefer Symantec... but it's personal choice. Symantec also has good virus removal tools if you do find you are infected. These are handy for removing registry entries safely.
librazoneAuthor Commented:
No there are no messages before it reboots.As for being connected to the network I'll have to check that out.
The Lifecycle Approach to Managing Security Policy

Managing application connectivity and security policies can be achieved more effectively when following a framework that automates repeatable processes and ensures that the right activities are performed in the right order.

if you do not find any virus the next option to check is your Processor's temperature.
computer equipped with protection against high heat will shutdown automatically if it get too hot.

Open computer clean fan and remove all accumulated dust inside
librazoneAuthor Commented:
Well it just did it again a few minutes ago and I wasnt even near it although it was connected to the net by cable modem.
I have done a virus scan and it showed only two possible problem files  namely  file.exe and dc2.exe which i removed yesterday.
Overheating is a possibility but it seems to occur randomly as far as time is concerned.Sometimes it reboots a few minutes after start up and other times at 15 or 20 minutes after start up.
I agree with pjcrooks2000 except that I think it is faulty OS more often than HD or HW.  Mostly it is in things that are supposed to be in RAM but MS has put out to storage, and with improper code management issues such as memory leaks and who (program) gets what ram to use gets OS confused over which program is where. That's why I call it OS, not ful blame on errant program.  

The frequency of problem will increase for the more windows you have open. But recently, running only two programs, one in a window is enough. A game and an A/V. I went so far as to disable the AV, not give it registration or updates so it deactivates itself, and still it'll crash games at random.   In such a case, the old NT world had a method called BSOD that would give clue, or produce a popup about bad addressing being problem and applications shutting down.  With upgrades though XP, I now have similar condition of program conflict, but result is either that some programs vanish or that the computer shuts off by itself, even if left unattended for hours, while on a UPS.

Still, there are many problems it could be, I'm just saying SW incompatibilities and collisions is an important consideration, to the point of recommending removal of all product but the one you want to use, and this specificall means no anti-virus, a chief culprit in such problems, especially if they are real-time scans, miscellaneous files.

If you do not have UPS, then of course some local power fluctuations could do that as well, the ability of computer to handle them is different than that of a light bulb or the clock for an appliance such as microwave, coffee maker (clock) or VCR etc.  Accept no substitute power strip, it is either a UPS or it is not (if you want the steady flow).  Also, some shutdowns are designed to happen when computer detects problem such as faulty current.  Look for them in power settings, many are set to shut down, either immediately or after some time.  I set mine to "never" shut down, so I'll know the difference when 'it' happens.  

Check your settings. On games it can work better is you have no autosave enabled. Especially if you haven't updated all drivers, such as for video.
Yep Sunbow it really could be a lot of things, assuming he had Disk erros for example chance are hes going tohave to reinstall and reformat but please check out all the alternatives before you go down this route.  Although I generally find a reinstall is quicker in the short term it may not be your best solution depending on what data you will loose.  If you have a second hard drive then you can back everything up on that if you do decide to wipe and start all over!

good luck

Indeed, uninstalling a hardware driver and then reinstalling it again (the latest you can find on their website) proved to be a real problem solver at my own computer. So take a good look at your own hardware at your system devices and reinstall all the hardware devices that give any problems
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