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Domain Name issue

I have a local domain controller in my home.  Lets say the local domain name is jeff.com.  I purchased a web domain name and registered it, its www.jeff.com.  I can get to my web site www.jeff.com from everwhere but my home.  I know this is becasue my local domain is named jeff.com as well.  I cannot even ping Jeff.com.  So what on my local domain controller can I change to allow me to get to my web page www.jeff.com.  I do not want to have to redo the home local domain all over.
2 Solutions
If you are using an internal DNS server, then your local computers will look to your internal DNS server for name resolution for that particular domain.  You will need to add a static DNS record that points "www" to the IP address of your server.  Then your clients should be able to acces it.
Agree with AdamDrayer...

More specifically, create an 'A' record on your DNS server at home for the hostname 'www' with the IP of your web server (the one you get when you do 'nslookup www.Jeff.com' from somewhere other than home.)

If you want Jeff.com to also go to www.Jeff.com's address, create another 'A' record with a blank host name and the IP or, better yet, create a CNAME record with a blank hostname that points to 'www.Jeff.com'.  That way, when you change www.Jeff.com  you automatically 'change' Jeff.com also (it simply is an alias to the other record).

If you like using command lines (rather than the GUI), you could use the dnscmd.exe tool (part of support tools) like the following:
DNSCmd <YourDNSServer> /recordadd Jeff.com www A <IP Address>
such as:
DNSCmd server1.Jeff.com /recordadd Jeff.com www A

Happy name resolving. :-)
The problem is that you named your internal domain name the same as you external registered internet domain.

If you Internet domain is Jeff.com, you should name your internal domain name something different (like jeff.local, jeff.net, jeff-int.com, etc)

Anyway, because you don't want to change the name of your internal domain name, you should create a record in your local DNS to point to your web page.


Your internal DNS structure believes that it is responsible for all resolutions to jeff.com.  Therefore, when you try to lookup www.jeff.com, your local DNS says "nope, I don't know what IP WWW is in the domain jeff.com.)  Because your internal domain is called jeff.com, your internal DNS servers don't bother to forward the request to Internet DNS servers.

To fix this problem, simply create a new record in your local DNS database that points to the IP address of your web server.

1) Go into the DNS console  
2) Right Click your Forward Lookup Zone
3) Create new A-record called WWW and assign the IP address of your web server.

or you can always connect to you local web server using the IPADDRESS instead of the host name. http://xx.xx.xx.xx

Thank you,

Joe Poandl MCSE
Max10137Author Commented:
Man, I love this forum.  I knew the issue was DNS, but just not sure what to add in DNS.  You guys ROCK!.  I added a record www with the IP of the host server and BAM, it worked.

Thanks Adam and Mullins!

Glad to help. :-)

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