Parallel printer and scanner not working

System was working OK with a HP scanjet 5100C and a deskjet 650.

The printer was upgraded to a HP deskjet 5550 and now when try to scan says that it is busy with another process

get the same error whent he printer is not connected as well
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zvitamConnect With a Mentor ConsultantCommented:
This printer has a usb connection as well, I would install it using the USB connection, living the scanner alone on the parallel port.
ChunksConnect With a Mentor Commented:
We need a little bit more info ..... How is the scanner/printer connected ?? via usb / Parallel.

Probably best option is to uninstall the scanner drivers and reinstall them.  Its possible they may have become corrupt.
jimcrintAuthor Commented:
the printer and scanner are both parallel, I am sorry this was not clear.  The scanner is connected directly to the computer and the printer is piggy backed on the scanner

Have down loaded the latest drivers and will do clean install in the morning
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Install the printer first. Once the printer is functional, then install the scanner.
jimcrintAuthor Commented:
I never thought of that,  currently though I can not get the scanner working at all.  i have uninstalled the printer and reinstalled then uninstalled the scanner and reinstalled.

My plan for the morning will be to get the printer going on the USB then install the scanner
Do the following:
Right-click 'My Computer' => choose 'Manage' from the menu => Go to the 'device Manager' section => Right-click on the root computer name and choose 'Scan for Hardware Changes'.

It will initiate a drivers update process... I think this is the solution you are looking for...

scanner should be hooked up to a SCSI card and
the printer should be hooked up to an LPT1 port
jimcrintAuthor Commented:
Installing the new drivers after uninstalling them worked.  Did the scanner first then put the printer on the USB port and all is working fine.  Thanks for your support
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