Min function in formula

In a view formula field I have to order a text list from min to max value. I want it to be done with min function. The textlist contains 25 elements. I have tried like this

strUnique:= @unique(volume);
REM "initialize the minimum as the first of the unique volumes";
strMinVolume := @subset(strUnique;1);
REM "now take the minimum of the first and second elements of the unique volumes";
strMinVolume1 := @min(strMinVolume; @subset(@subset(strUnique;2);-1));
REM "now take the minimum of the previous minimum and the third element of the unique volumes";
strMinVolume2= @min(strMinVolume1; @subset(@subset(strUnique;3);-1));

but I am not able to proceed further. I want the ordered list to be in an array. How can I do that?

Thanks in Advance

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Sjef BosmanConnect With a Mentor Groupware ConsultantCommented:
It cannot be done using @Formula language, there are no looping mechanisms in R5 for that purpose. My suggestion would be to use some sort of sort function in LotusScript in the PostRecalc event in the form, writing the sorted output into a new field. There are many sort-algorithms available on the Internet, so just pick one, or we can supply you one. If you need all existing documents updated, use an agent to calculate the new field.
I think u r talking aboput column formula.

Instead use column Ascending sorting.
AboutLotusAuthor Commented:
Yeah it is a column formula.I tried that but the textlist doesnot gets sorted.what can I do now Madheeswar?
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Assume ur field is multi value and text.

In the column formula:


and in the column properties:
Sorted: Ascending

And in the view properties:

Make it per row as 9

And u can show max: 9 entries in a column(I mean in a row for a doc)
AboutLotusAuthor Commented:
I have tried that too but this works only when the multiple entries are shown as seperate entires. But I am not supposed to do that.when I tried to do without this then it is not in an ordered manner. What can I do?
I did not got it.

U have multivalue text field. And u want to sort in Ascending. Right?

Then follow my method. And in the column properties, enable Show multivalue as separate entries(new Line).
AboutLotusAuthor Commented:
Another problem is I dont want to show this field in the view as column rather use this text list in another column formula in the same view.
I think ur in a mixed state. U said to display the result in Ascending.

And now u want to use it in another column(U can't use the results of one Column in another column). So, ur totally in a wrong assumption or ur newbie to NOTES.

what u want to achieve ?
AboutLotusAuthor Commented:
I have tried like this I have created a coloumn which is hidden and I have sorted it in ascending and shown as multiple entries. but even If I use this sorted coulmn in another column's formula the result is assorted. ( but the constraint is the value should be sorted before used in the formula).What would be the solution?
AboutLotusAuthor Commented:
Now in a clumn formula I have to sort a field and then use it in formula., How can I do that?
can show some example ?

Type in a view format and tell me how u want.

Sorry, I did not understood. I don't want to take my own assumptions. I want to know exactly u want for better solution.
AboutLotusAuthor Commented:

name    marks

sre        25,37,69,83
fri         42,86,92,99

This should be the final view. The values used in marks are from a field called mk which is a text list with values as 0,20,84,35,67 and 88,76,36,89 so Now In the marks column formula I will have to sort the mk field first and then use the sorted list in the formula for display.

Is this ok?

As per I undertood,

U want to display Marks in sorted. RIGHT? (U want it in next line or in a asme line as u shown sample?)

Below is to display in new line

Forget about another column.

U have first column as Name.

Second column: marks (Sorted in Ascending)
and in the Column formula:
or try:

And how ur updating mk field ? I think users are entering values as text only. So, I suppose this won't be a multivalue.

And as per displaying in a single line, it is very difficult to achieve.
Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
What's wrong with @Sort? R6 required...
AboutLotusAuthor Commented:
I am using R5.
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