Multi threaded mailing application

Dear All

I am supposed to develop a Multi Threaded mailing application in java. It has function as mentioned below:

There will be a thread which will scan the table in a database for the records having the status as Pending. Suppose the query returns 100 records. Each record contains an email id.Then first 15 records will be fetched in a Vector. Now 3 threads will be spawned. Each thread will work on 5 records. The 1st thread will send mail to  the email id of those 5 records.  2nd thread will send mail to  the email id of next 5 records and so on. Once the mail has been sent to 15 mail ids corresponding to 15 records, the status of those 15 records will be updated to Success in database.

This process will continue till all the records have been processed.

Can somebody help me in this application. I am not good at using threads.

Warm Regards

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girionisConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Why do you need three more threads to send the messages? Just one separate thread will do as well.
For a tutorial have a look here:
Giant2Connect With a Mentor Commented:
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