erasing admin passwd in win 2ooo having ntfs

i have a peer to peer network of win 2000 pro pc's ........two     of em had their passwords changed....dunno who did it.....i've erased one by booting from 98 startup disk n' deleting the sam files......the prob dat the other pc had ntfs partitions which 98 cannot do i recover/erase the admin password from it.

btw..i've got redhat linux 9 installed on dat pc too.
Sushil DiasMgr.Asked:
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Yan_westConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can reset the password using this utility, works great.. it'S on a bootdisk.
dont know about the second one but be carefull with the first one.  I have destroyed a windows install using it.    Only use the reset to blank password option.
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Yeah, they warn people that sometime it can go wrong.. I used it more then 10 times, and it always worked flawlessly btw..

The one I recommended is easy to use: you will create a floppy disk (linux) with the utility and then boot the 2000 machine with it.  It gives you instructions as you go.
I've used it on a few Win2K machines as well as a few WinXP machines and I never had any problems.  It worked great and saved me a LOT of hassle.  

I've often heard people say "don't leave home with out it!"
It'S the same one as I suggested btw :)
:) i know it works well, im just saying its a powerful tool and the development isnt complete so if you mess with the wrong thing you can really make a mess.
This is a great tool too but it's not a free one

It's a Windows XP install that boots from CD

Very easy to use and powerful.
Sushil DiasMgr.Author Commented:
hey tebacher.....thanx for ur prog......i tried the one dats meant for the floppy....but it doesn't even fit .lol ....guess i need a higher capacity disk.

n' mr. yan west......i'm sorry buddy ur prog isn't working an error after booting.....say's booting failed.....dunno y
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