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I need a solution that will allow supervisors to watch live what employees in a call center are doing on there computers without the employee knowing.  VNC is a dead giveaway to the employee because it makes the cursor flicker.  PC anywhere is great, but it is expensive.  I actually have a whole solution working right now using Remote Desktop and Shadow.exe on a Terminal Services server, but Microsoft says this is a bug that they have fixed and do not want to help me work around it. (and I don;t blame them)  Does anyone have any suggestions?  There are about 50 employees that will be monitored by 5 supervisors.  I don't need it to allow the client to have control over the host, but it does need to be an inconspicuous, "view only" application.
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JonIU17Connect With a Mentor Commented:

This is a nice program like pc anywhere, much cheaper, and I believe the screen updates are faster.
Most of the time, people ask for help to detect these programs and get rid of them.  Here's a stealth keylogger:

SO you need some osrt of "spyware", I have a smiliar problem- this what I have found so far - - useful app and can monitor keystrokes and apps - the best product I have tested - its not free - list of application - can't comment as I am still testing these 
                          applications: 007 Spy Software - not real time but can take screen shots on request - FREE!!
                                             Supreme Spy - not real time but can take screen shots on request

If I find one that is free\cheap) and does the job without telling the user (or looks obvious) i will let you

Free Tool: Subnet Calculator

The subnet calculator helps you design networks by taking an IP address and network mask and returning information such as network, broadcast address, and host range.

One of a set of tools we're offering as a way of saying thank you for being a part of the community.

I had a product a few years ago called Vision that we used in a student lab. It would allow the instructor to 'monitor' the student workstations or push the instructor's workstation display to all the student machines for demonstration purposes. There was no visual indication to the students (lags, delays, etc.) that they were being 'watched'. Here's a link to their website:

It's been re-worked since I owned it. They even mention using this in call centers in the literature. A demo and trial are available on the website.


Here is one more tool which can be used for the same but are not free. But these one is quite professional and almost suit all the requirements check them out.

(1) Dameware NT Utlities :-

Also as stated above in a student teacher environment one more software is available which can be configured as required and can be used to suit your need.

(2) NetOP :-

Do try this out. Best of Luck.

this might help

witness montioring software from witness systems

does not place a icon in the system tray
runs as a service in teh background
allows a supervisor to watch in real time and record actions on a remote desktop.
Just wondered about the ethics of using such monitoring without having first advised the staff through their employment contracts that such monitoring could be used.  Most call centres not only advise customers who telephone the contact centre that the phone calls may be recorded, but also include this in their employees' contracts.  Just an extra consideration that would have to be looked at by the legal services department of the organisation.
If you want to be really sleuthful and sneaky but on a shoestring budget:


in companies where i have seen this software applied they had a logon message stating that the computers are only for business use personal use was prohibited and they agreed to monitoring blah blah blah and had to click and Ok or ACCEPT button before they would be taken to a log onto windows.

this mesage would appear after the CTRL ALT DEL to log and but before the log in screen.
swamprattakateAuthor Commented:
Just too be clear.  The employees are aware that they can be monitored at any time (it is part of their signed emplooyee handbooks)  But, having them know when they are being monitored won't work because they will only "do what's right" when they are aware of it.  This would allow them to "slack off" when they aren't being observed.  Plus, they get bonuses for high Quality Assurance scores, so most of them want to be watched, and then rewarded for their good work.

By the way, all of these suggestions look good.  It will take me a while to reasearch and test them all.
That's the best way to do it, swamprat.  Employees eventally get so used to the idea that they "MAY be" recorded or monitored in some way, that they eventually forget that the facility exists to do so.  Many just view it as an idle threat or one reserved for special occasions.

Just ignore the "tempest" link above, it was tongue-in-cheek as you may have gathered.  Despite that, I found it extremely interesting, and tried out a few of the ideas.  The pages and pdf's available at the quoted url's on that page DO make some interesting reading despite the primitive concept of broadcasting mp3's from your PC to an AM radio!!

It tied in with a discussion I had with somebody a long time ago who reckoned that the "Television Licence Detector Vans" in the UK were nothing more than modified ice-cream vans with a bogus dish stuck onto the side, and that the "investigators" merely acted on a list of those who previously had TV Licences, but had failed to renew them.  In the UK, retailers of TV's allegedly are required to submit details of people who buy TV's to the broadcasting licence collection companies.

Must go, I'm being monitored - I can see the flashing icon in my system tray.
JonIU17  has the right answer, I use it on over 250 Clients in my company. Best program out there. It doesn't have all the overhead of PC Anywhere, simply just use "view" mode, hide the icon tray and they user will never know you are watching them. and best part of all...fits on a floppy disk ! =)
swamprattakateAuthor Commented:
I looked at all of them and radadmin is exactly what I need.  Thanks
That's actually a pretty impressive utility for $35, JonIU17.

swamprattakate, although not directly related to what you need, I notice a feature of remote Administrator 2.2 that allows "remote shutdown".

One other free utility that you might care to add to your utilities arsenal is a program named PowerOff.  I discussed it in quite some depth in this question:

PowerOff by Jorgen Bosman:

Full Details, command line options, setup, etc:

Download Version 3.0:


Other utilities by Jorgen Bosman:

It isn't an invisible monitoring utility, because it has to run as a machine service on remote computers and shows in the task list, but is very useful nonetheless.
I like many of the features, and the best part, for 35 dollars, you can install it on 2 computers!
I intend to investigate the possibility that, when my father next encounters an error situation that would entail me going to his house suitably tooled-up, I might be able to resolve the issue from the discomfort of my own well worn chair  :-)
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