Crystal Reports Access denied


I am working on an ASP application that is using reports developed using Crystal Reports 8. When I make any changes in the Crystal Reports Designer for a report and then try to execute that report from my ASP application, I get the following message:

Error Type:
Seagate Crystal Reports ActiveX Designer (0x80043AC6)
Access denied.
/myapp/Reports/Consumers_View.asp, line 26

The database being used is SQL Server 2000.
Your guidance and solution would be extremely helpful to me.
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rnippaniConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi, I am thinking you are having permission problem. Make sure that 1. the RPT file is located under a directory under your ASP Virtual Directory, 2. the ASP user has permissions to read, list and folder access permissions to that directory.

Hope this help. Thanks, Ravi
Can you preview the report from the designer?

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amaleshtAuthor Commented:
The RPT file is in a subfolder under the root folder under ASP Virtual Directory. I have given read, list and folder access to IUSR account and also added ASPNET user account. But, still the problem occurs.
amaleshtAuthor Commented:
I can preview the report from the designer, but cannot view from the ASP application.
Make sure you give the same permissions to the ASPNET account (assuming you are using ASP.NET). Try closing the designer when you are trying to access the report (just to make sure that the file is not read-only).
amaleshtAuthor Commented:
This is my application structure:  c:\inetpub\wwwroot\myapp\reports\source.

The rpt file is in the folder "source" and I have given Full Control to ASPNET and IUSR accounts to the folder "source". The designer is also closed.
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