Asus A7n8x Bios Config Help

I have recently upgraded my pc with a new AMD XP3200+ (400Mhz) processor, and I would like to ensure that my bios is set-up correctly as my PC has hung a couple of times and rebooted on its own a couple of times also.
As mentioned I have:
ASUS A7N8X Deluxe motherboard, PCB ver 1.04, BIOS 1007
AMD XP3200+ 400Mhx CPU
1x 512MB DDR PC2700 CAS 2.5
1x 512MB DDR PC3200 CAS 2.5
Chaintech FX5600 256MB Graphics Card

My current bios settings are as follows:
CPU External Frequency - 200
CPU Frequency Multiplier - 11
System Performance - Optimal
CPU Interface - Optimal
Memory Frequency - Auto
Reulting Memory Frequency - Auto
Memory Timing - Optimal
SDRAM Active Precharge Delay - 7
SDRAM RAS to CAS delay - 3
SDRAM RAS to precharge delay - 3
SDRAM CAS latency - 2.5T
FSB Spread Spectrum - Disabled
AGP Spread Spectrum - Disabled
CPU V Core - 1.650V
Graphics Aperture Size - 128
AGP Frequency - Auto
System Bios Cacheable - Disabled
Video RAM Cacheable - Disabled
DDR Reference Volatage - 2.6
AGP DDR Voltage - 1.5
AGP 8x Support - Disabled
AGP Fast Write Capability - Disabled

Thanks in Advance

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Hi Gavin,
a couple of questions
are there any errors pop up & why is AGP 8x disabled?
things to try would be reset the bios to fail safe instead of optimal, test your RAM individually (Memtest is slow but accurate available here  ).
Also is there anything in the event viewer to log these problems?

I'm amazed that you have not had more problems. Your mainboard is designed for dual channel memory operation that requires matching memory modules. Although it is possible to use a single channel array, it is not recommended to use various modules...but if you must...try placing the slowest memory in slot 1 and the faster memory in slot 2 or 3 whichever does not confiure it for dual channel operation. Use SPD for memory timings.
The easiest and most stable solution would be to get a matching module for the PC3200 if you know the manufacturer and timings...
Once you fix the memory mess...enable AGP8X and FastWrites.
Firstly, is dual channel memory operation enabled? If it is, tmj883's comment is your solution, get a matching PC-3200 stick.
Even if you are not running dual channel, it is still recommended that you scrap the PC-2700 stick and go for another
PC-3200 module. This is because:
PC-2700 = 333Mhz
PC-3200 = 400Mhz
AMD 3200+ XP = 400Mhz FSB
Currently, the PC-2700 is holding you back, and is not letting your computer run at its potential.

Reboots on its own accord, and freezes in Windows are a sign of heat or power problems.
What are your CPU temperatures, and what PSU do you currently have? For that setup, a brandname >400W PSU
would be best.
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gtuserAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your replies, in response:
I made an error previously, both AGP 8x Support & AGP Fast Write Capability are enabled.

I have checked the event viewer and found a DCOM error before the reboots, I have checked the program reference for this and found that MSN Messenger is causing the errors. I have now closed this and will monitor the PC to ensure that this was the only cause of the error.

I have removed the PC2700 stick of memory, and now my pc is running @ 400mhx (Thanks), I am currently looking to get another 512 of PC3200 as my current one is not from a major brand I will not be able to match it.

I have a 400W PSU unit, but I am running a DVD-RW, CD-RW, DVD-ROM & SATA drive.

I have started running the Asusprobe and my PCU seems to be running @ 50 at the lowest fan rpm (I have a coolmaster with a speed dial), when running the fan at a higher (not highest) rpm I can get the temp down to about 44, is this ok? If I should be running the fan at a higher rpm are there any new ones that are reasonably quite?
Getting another PC3200 512MB stick is a good idea. Is that 400W PSU unit from a reputable brand (Antec, Thermaltake, etc), or
is it a generic one? Most generic PSU's have significantly overrated wattages; a 400W generic PSU will probably pump as much
as a 350W Antec. If the PSU is generic, I recommend you consider getting a more powerful PSU.

50 degrees idle seems a bit hot, especially since you are not overclocking. Just for comparison, I have overclocked my AMD 2500+ XP
to 3200+ and mine runs at 40 degrees idle, with the stock cooler. Heat seems to be an issue and are probably causing your reboots. There
are a few ways in reducing temperature inside your PC:

- Clean up all your wires, tie them up so that they do not interfere with airflow
- Remove dust from Motherboard, fans, etc
- Install some case fans (if you have none)

Hope this helps, good luck !
gtuserAuthor Commented:
The PSU is made by Mercury who I don't believe is a mjor brand so will look at getting a new one.
I have installed one additional fan on the back grill but there is no room for another one, I will try and find one of the pci based fans, I do have wuite a few IDE cables in the pc so will look at getting some of the 'round' cables to reduce clutter.
Yep, good idea. Round cables will increase airflow.
Getting a new PSU will also be a good idea. I would recommened a TrueBlue Antec which has over 400 watts, which
will sufficiently do the job.
gtuserAuthor Commented:
My PC is still rebooting, I have checked the event log and can't see any real problems. I have had the asus probe monitoring the cpu temp which is consistant.
To try and rule out a power issue I have disconected 2 of my cd's and a caddied ide drive to see if this will make a difference.
try testing the original 512 mb pc3200 ram stick with memtest, it sounds like it may be dodgy.
gtuserAuthor Commented:
I have been running the tests, the 512mb pc3200 has got a lot of errors, but the pc2700 seems ok, it had sent the last 4 hours running 14 tests without any error, I will restart this tomorrow morning before I go to work so it will be able to complete but dont think that it will find any errors.

throw the pc3200 away if it is giving lots of errors, its stuffed.
Memtest can take up to 4 days of running to complete & sometimes it can get to pass 50 before identifying any errors.
Any errors in these tests mean get rid of the faulty RAM it's the cause of all your proiblems.
The faulty PC3200 memory stick probably caused all the reboots. I second what philby said, throw away the memory stick;
its worth nothing and will do more harm than good.

From here you can do the following things:
- Continue using your PC2700 stick, although it will hamper performance significantly
- Buy a new PC3200 stick and discard the PC2700 stick

gtuserAuthor Commented:
I have now received 1Gb Cosair DDR (2x512 matched pair) CL2, I have a 470w Enermax PSU & at the same time I also bought a TV card.
I have plugged all of this in and received a BSOD pointing to nvarm.sys which appears to be the nVidia APU.
I believe that the TV card is causing this conflict and for the time being have removed this.
I have had to re-installed windows and reset my cmos.

I now have windows running but it seems to freeze, so I have run the mem test and left it over night. In the morning I found that this had frozen after about an hour with a number of errors.

Is it normal for new memory to have errors?
"Is it normal for new memory to have errors?"
That depends,I have had brand new "legend" ram that was faulty.
You never really know if your getting a new stick or someelses return ram that just hasn't been sent off yet.

having just reread your last post , if you got a "matched pair" were they packaged together or seperate?
matched pairs are in theory tested sticks that run at the same speed. So it would be unusual for them to have errors.
gtuserAuthor Commented:
I had a matched pair of Corsair XMS memory. I have spoken to my supplier and they have sent out a replacement which I should have tomorrow.
Well good luck with the replacement
gtuserAuthor Commented:
Have finally got my pc working - it appears that there was a fault with the cpu which has now been replaced.
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