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different results when exporting to .csv and .chr files

We use crystal to export our invoices to Sage.
With Crystal 7, I could use a .chr format, or a .csv.
The .chr  format worked fine.
However, since upgrading to Crystal 10, the .chr format is no longer available, and sage is reporting errors, saying there is no line feed, and one field per line is not being updated.

The only difference I can find is that the .chr format has an extra comma on some lines, but not all.

Does anyone know what the difference is in the file formatting?
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AFAIK the only difference between .chr and .csv is the character used to delineate fields and records.  CSV uses a comma to split the fields and there's no delineation between records - just a continuous series of comma separated fields.  CHR can be defined to use virtually any character to separate fields and a different (or the same) character to separate records.

If your application is expecting .chr format then you'll be missing a character (sounds like a comma in your case) at the end of each record and you can expect that it won't work.  You would have to manually (or write an application to do it) insert a character at the end of each record in order to make the import work as expected.

Further complication - since CR10 is unicode compliant and CR7 wasn't, it's also quite possible that the new export will contain double-byte characters where the old one may have been single-byte.  Even if you resolve the format issue, this may be yet another problem that you're going to have to deal with.

You may want to check with the Sage folks and see if they have an updated import driver that will allow you to use CR10 .csv files.

wyliecoyoteukAuthor Commented:
That`s what I thought, but crystal produces different text files, even when set to use a comma as the delimiter.
the extra comma appears in the middle of some lines, but not others.
The problem is complicated by the fact that the report was written for our old database(access backend), by our old provider, and we now have moved to a new database backend (IBM universe). the new provider has produced an export routine for us, but it suffers from the same problem.
The Sage people just say that it is a problem with the export routine, and disavow all knowledge:(

as an example:


these are :
invoice number
date raised
date due(30 days from date raised)
nominal code
empty fields(varies depending on number of items per invoice)
number9 ( i assume this is an endof line code)

The extra comma appears in the empty field sequence, but not on all lines, and not in any easily discernable pattern.

The error caused is that the due date is incorrect.

Thanks for your input.
Maybe I should move this to the sage forum.
Well obviously I don't know your data so I can't speak to extra commas, etc.  But unfortunately as I've said your options are limited.  Unless you can go back to CR7, then you're going to have to either alter the export after Crystal has dumped it or alter the way Sage reads it (unlikely of course).

Frankly I'd consider going back to CR7 if that's remotely an option.  The biggest problem there is that it isn't supported on more recent versions of Windows so you're stuck in a non-upgradeable situation if you do that.

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wyliecoyoteukAuthor Commented:
Finally solved it, (though the extra comma still remains a mystery).
Turns out that when our support people "upgraded" sage, they trashed the import settings.....................................
This unfortunately coincided with the CR10 upgrade, and when I finally managed to get a machine I could install CR7 on and try the old report, it failed too....
(CR7  16 bit still works fine on XP, by the way)

Aha - sounds like it's time to kick the support people! ;-)
wyliecoyoteukAuthor Commented:
Question answered by asker or dialog valuable.
Closed, 500 points refunded.
ee_ai_construct (replacement part #xm34)
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