Do you know what this error message indicates is incorrect?

WSC Get Provider Path failed, returning WSAE PROVIDER FAILED INIT
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By the way, as astaec stated above, Windows Script Components (*.wsc) are defined in the registry as follows:


"Content Type"="text/scriptlet"

[HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\MIME\Database\Content Type\text/scriptlet]

@="Windows Script Component"




@="\"C:\\WINDOWS\\NOTEPAD.EXE\" \"%1\""




@="\"C:\\WINDOWS\\SYSTEM\\REGSVR32.EXE\" /u /n /i:\"%1\" \"C:\\WINDOWS\\SYSTEM\\SCROBJ.DLL\""

[HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\scriptletfile\Shell\Generate Typelib]
@="&Generate Type Library"

[HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\scriptletfile\Shell\Generate Typelib\command]
@="\"C:\\WINDOWS\\RUNDLL32.EXE\" C:\\WINDOWS\\SYSTEM\\SCROBJ.DLL,GenerateTypeLib \"%1\""




NOTE:  The default "Open" action is set to Notepad.exe for security reasons to prevent a script running on my system with WScript.exe or CScript.exe.

Perhaps you have a corrupt or missing "SCROBJ.DLL" file, in which case SFC would find it in the win98\WIN98_40.CAB file on the Win98 CD.  This is the Windows Script Component "Runtime" file, and version is installed by Win98SE.  This file is updated by subsequent upgrades such as MS Patches, security updates, newer applications, etc.  The cersion on my system now running IE 5.01, Office 2000, FrontPage 2002, etc is, so there is a possibility of a version conflict IF the error DOES concern Windows Scripting Components.

I doubt that this would be something like Norton AntiVurus ScriptBlocking at work, because a NAV dialog would pop up and tell you so, but maybe a security policy set on that system would show such an error message.
You did not provide sufficient information, thus the following may be of minimal use:

Asta CuTechnical consultant & graphic designCommented:
Specific error messages or more than you showed above?  Maybe something like this?
When you bind to a Windows Script Components (.wsc) file that is written in Extensible Markup Language (XML) and that resides in an HTTP server, you may receive error code 800c0010H.

It helps to know more about your environment and interfaces to zero in on this problem.
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Asta CuTechnical consultant & graphic designCommented:
Does this have anything to do with this organization and access attempts?
Asta CuTechnical consultant & graphic designCommented:
I found only one other precise error message as you show above, and it resulted in kernel32 errors; so perhaps more is known that you can post here.

start-run sfc is a good start to ensure system files are intact.
usnsAuthor Commented:
The only other info there is is that this error message was coming up when a NIC was being installed. The error message would come up and the PC would freeze. Does that help?
Asta CuTechnical consultant & graphic designCommented:
It does; could be a resource issue.  Have you tried booting in Safe Mode and checking Device Manager for conflicts?
Just a thought here while trying to figure out what WSAE means.  Maybe Windows Scripting  Application Extensions or something similar?  There don't seem to be any hits on google for WSAE.

Windows Scripting is handled by 2 files:
WScript.exe - 32-bit Windows
CScript.exe - 16-bit DOS.

Either of these files can run Visual Basic Script files (.vbs) and also Windows Script files (.wsh and .wsf ).  Windows Script Host also has support for JavaScript and other programming scripts.

The "Get" part could relate to any of the internal commands (GetThis and GetThat) in those .exe files, such as:


If the NIC card relies upon some kind of script to install the drivers or initialize it, AND IF Windows Scripting isn't enabled, then possibly an error like this may arise.  Windows Script Host is often disabled for security reasons to prevent malicious scripts from running.  It is installed if you choose a standard installation of Win98 or if you install Internet Explorer 5x.

Check and see if it is disabled:

These are just thoughts and possibly unrelated however, in the absence of any other close hits on google or at Microsoft, it is worth considering.  I would say, however, that any installer routine or initializing process that relies on something like this is rather poorly thought out if it is the case with your problem.
And, referring again to astaec's comment about XML code, the file c:\windows\system\SCROBJ.DLL contains the following error string that relates to XML:

Unexpected XML declaration - declaration must be at the beginning of the file

Another error message string:

The 'public' tag cannot be used with the 'Automation' or 'Event' handlers

MIGHT explain the AE as "Automation Event", or am I throwing darts with the lights off here  :-)

A lot of installer files these days contain something like the following (example is SolidConverter pdf):

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>
<assembly xmlns="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:asm.v1" manifestVersion="1.0">
<description>Your app description here</description>

So, maybe it's a badly written or malformed installer package, or something to do with another error message string in SCROBJ.DLL concerning encoding:

"Cannot convert text to UNICODE for processing".

Asta CuTechnical consultant & graphic designCommented:
I'm so happy you're here in this collaboration effort, BillDL, since I'm up to my eyeballs in backlog.
Best wishes all,
":0) Asta
I'm so glad you first mentioned the .wsc file type and .xml content Asta.  It was my first instinct, but I'm still a bit terrified of being totally slated by experts for hitting on a hunch that is so off the track that it ends up looking ridiculous.  This way, we both look ridiculous  :-)
Asta CuTechnical consultant & graphic designCommented:
":0)  To much of effective troubleshooting is a step-by-step process, and with all the unknowns and variables at the end-user level; much 'instinct' has to come into play now and again.  Ideally, the collaboration process brings out the hidden information that is the key to solving mysteries; and teamwork works best, in my humble opinion.
Asta CuTechnical consultant & graphic designCommented:
Great news!  Thanks for finalizing this.
Thank you, usns.
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