Microsoft English Query (0x80020009) Access is denied.

when I'm trying to init a .eqd file which is compiled  english query project file I get an error on line #3 (eqs.initdomain(....))

   if request.servervariables("content_length")>0 then
      set eqs=server.createobject("mseq.session")
      eqs.initdomain("C:\Documents and Settings\David & Mzia\My Documents\Visual Studio Projects\Northwind\Northwind.eqd")
   end if

Error Type:
Microsoft English Query (0x80020009)
Access is denied.
/eq/example1.asp, line 3

has anybody ever had such a problem..?

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fritz_the_blankConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If XP, the you will have to do the following:

WinXP Pro File Sharing Disable Simple File Sharing
Disabling Simple File Sharing is necessary in order to enable the creation of Access Control Lists for shared disks and folders:

Click Start | My Computer | Tools | Folder Options | View.
Scroll to the bottom of the list of advanced settings and un-check Use Simple File Sharing (Recommended).
Click OK.

Now you can right click on the "C:\Documents and Settings\David & Mzia\My Documents\Visual Studio Projects\Northwind\" directory and and give the IUSR_ account read and write permissions.

Are you sure that the IUSR  account has READ/WRITE to the Northwind directory?

As an aside, I have never seen this done:

set eqs=server.createobject("mseq.session")

Are you sure this works?

davidlars99Author Commented:
you mean windows acount as  IUSR... yes I'm logged in as admin

this should work perfectly > set eqs=server.createobject("mseq.session")

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davidlars99Author Commented:
everything works fine in Visual Studio Project, but I can't get it to work in asp

Set objEQSession = Server.CreateObject("Mseq.Session")
Set objEQResponse = objEQSession.ParseRequest("list customers")

Select Case objEQResponse.Type
Case nlCommandResponse
   Set objCommands = objEQResponse.Commands
   For intCommand = 0 To objCommands.Count - 1
      Set objCommand = objCommands(intCommand)
      Select Case objCommand.CmdID
      Case nlQueryCmd
         DoSQLCommand objCommand
      Case nlAnswerCmd
         Response.Write objCommand.Answer
      end select
Case nlUserClarifyResponse
   DoClarification objEQResponse, "list customers"
Case nlErrorResponse
   Response.Write objEQResponse.Description & "<BR>"
End Select
alorentzConnect With a Mentor Commented:
>>you mean windows acount as  IUSR... yes I'm logged in as admin

Logged in as Admin has nothing to do with it.  You need to assign rights for IUSR_YourComputerName in IIS, or on the specific file being used.
davidlars99Author Commented:
ahh... only when I used windows authentication to loggin with ASP I get an error message that SERVER\IUSR_SERVERNAME has failed...  I don't know how to assign rights

how about English Query has anybody ever implemented it thru ASP?
That is what I was talking about with the IUSR permissions--you must give them to the directory that houses your database.

I haven't seen this done before, so I am not sure if it will work or not.

davidlars99Author Commented:
fritz_the_blank, I will accept your comment as a solution if you show me how to set SERVER\IUSR_SERVERNAME, but my problem will remain the same, I think I need to install the whole ActiveX component for that feature which comes with Microsoft Library, I'm not sure though... :)
Are you running windows xp or something else?

davidlars99Author Commented:
Windows XP SP2, IIS 5.0
davidlars99Author Commented:
If you still interested in my problem I created anoher topic
Please post here later to let us know how it turns out!

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