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     I have an issue with porn, temporary internet files and unauthorized downloads of toolbars and bargain software in some areas of my network. I am looking for a tool which after a PC is imaged initially, it will reimage (with the network settings also) the pc on a nightly basis automatically. This should all but eliminate any problems with the OS, space restrictions and or having to have techs manually defrag and clean out PCs. If you have any suggestons, let me know. In addition, since this is not a problem all over the facility, a simple program which can be set to automatically clean temp files, cookies and temporary internat files as well as perform a defrag would be very benficial. Not a pressing issue, so take your time on the replies. Thanks for any help you can provide.
     PS. i don't mind buying two different softwares to perform the different jobs, I just don't want to buy and license more than that since I am looking at over 2000 computers, thanks.
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bottlegreenConnect With a Mentor Commented:
For defragmentation, I recommend Executive Software Diskeeper. Diskeeper can be configured and scheduled smartly
so that defragmentation is performed on, for example, a weekly basis, or when fragmentation becomes severe. Defragmentation
can also be activated remotely, and the statuses of each of your 2000 client computers can be monitored from one location.

Links to both of the programs:
Norton Ghost Corporate:

Executive Software Diskeeper:

Good luck, hope this helps !
I would recommend Norton Ghost Corporate Edition for your imaging.
It is definitely one of the best imaging programs out there, and the Corporate Edition offers some of the best centralized
and remote management available on the market.

Advantages of Norton Ghost Corporate:
- Easily restore an OS image or applications in minutes, with user profile settings intact.
- Quick configuration of individual TCP/IP settings and machine, workgroup, and domain names.
- With the Ghost Client installed on each of the 2000 computers you have, you do not need to visit
the target computer, everything can be controlled from the central management console
- Mulicast File Transfer enables many simultaneous connections

However, this program is fairly complex and requires a fair bit of configuration.
I would second the use of Ghost to re-image the computers nightly. I have used it in this capacity and it works. It can be run as a scheduled process, or, set to automatically re-image the machine on reboot. To setup the machines to do this in the most efficient manner, you will want to save the hard drive image on a partition on the local computer. If the image is large, it could take a while to send over your network. IMHO, using Ghost eliminates the need for a defrag utility since you are effectivly overwriting the boot partition every time you re-image the computer.

There is, however, an alternative you may want to consider. I also use a program in my schools called Clean Slate. Upon reboot, the computer is returned to it's original state, erasing any files, folders, or registry changes that took place during normal use. Folders that you want to allow users to make changes or additions to, like My Documents, can be excluded so that they are not affected at reboot. Another program that will do this is called Deep Freeze. I like Clean Slate because it integrates with several other security-related products to create a total desktop security package. More info and trial versions of the software can be found here:

Additionally, the price for either product, when compared to Ghost, is much more reasonable. Both Ghost and Clean Slate will perform the function you require, they each take a different approach.

jpdoyle7Author Commented:
Fellow EEs,

I do apologzie for the delay in response. I had forgotten that I had a current open question (thank you Turn123 for the reminder). FYI I decided to use a product which would allow more functionality and control over teh network as a whole as well as allows for the funtions I required. The product is called LANDesk. This is like a Microsoft SMS product with a few more bells and whistles. Thank you again for your assistance.
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