Very Urgent! Win95 binding error with ethernet card

I am running a toshiba laptop portege 300ct, ethernet card came with pc, the pc recognized card, correct drivers were installed and when I restart get this error:

C:\>c:\windows\net start
    Invalid value for binding specified
    Invalid value for binding specified

Error loading device driver NDISHLP.SYS

Error 7323: One of more network transport drivers failed to load.


I'm connected to a router which is connected to my dsl, the connection works perfect on xp and  I don't remeber having to set up anything on the other pc, just connect everything and it worked.

This is extremely urgent, need this to work tonight!
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CodeDevWizConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The binding problem sounds like an incorrect protocol being bound to your NIC.  Check that TCP/IP is there.  Also, ensure that the values have properly been entered into the properties page of TCP/IP.  This includes making sure the settings include obtaining the IP address automatically if your router is set up as a DHCP server.  Try this, and I'll check back with you later.  Good luck!
polkadotAuthor Commented:
>Check that TCP/IP is there.


 >ensure that the values have properly been entered into the properties page of TCP/IP
again how?

need step by step .. thanks
Are you booting up XP, or to a Command Prompt?  If you are using XP, you can right-click on "My Network Places", select "Properties".  Then right-click on the connection you want to configure, and select "Properties".  Now, scroll all the way down (if it's not completely shown), and verify that "Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)" is shown and the checkbox is checked (indicating that the adapter is "bound" to the TCP/IP protocol suite).  Select TCP/IP, then click "Properties".
Now, if you have a DHCP function enabled in your router, you will want to click "Obtain an IP address automatically" in the Properties page.  Otherwise, assign an IP address, Netmask (should be, and Gateway here.  DNS settings aren't as necessary, but if you happen to know the IP addresses of your DNS servers, by all means enter them here.
This should pretty well square you away on this end.  Verify your settings are correct, and try again.  I hope this helps!
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polkadotAuthor Commented:
in the title.. booting up in win 95 ... so can you rephrase?
Ahhh yes...ok...instead of "My Network Places", place "Network Neighborhood", and the same steps should still essentially work for you.  Either way, I would advise against using Win95 on the Internet, if you can at all avoid it.
polkadotAuthor Commented:
polkadotAuthor Commented:
actually what can I use, on a p133 32RAM, I thought had no choice on this pc but win95
> Are you booting up XP, or to a Command Prompt?  If you are using XP...

Did you even bother reading the title of this post?

> actually what can I use, on a p133 32RAM, I thought had no choice on this pc but win95

Windows 98 Second Edition should work much better, and IIRC does not require much additional system resources (BTW, I can get 400Mhz Pentium II machines with 96M of RAM and built-in ethernet for under $100 - is your budget really that small?  If not, would you like the name of my reseller [not sure about laptops, but I can ask]?)


Hmmm...Captain, do what I do and not get tired...polkadot, I apologize for my erroneous questions about XP.  As I said, I was very tired.

Anyway, Windows 95 has several security holes that have been, and will continue to be, a major source of cracker-satisfaction.  Besides that, Win95 is no longer supported by Microsoft (meaning, they are no longer putting out any security updates).  Win98 will no longer be supported as of the end of the month, but is still much more secure than 95.
You can install 98SE on your existing setup (I've personally done it with less).  What you've got there is actually the very minimum requirements for Win2k Pro, but I would advise against that upgrade, since I support systems running PII 366MHz and 256 MB RAM that are very shaky running Win2k.
To recap, I would recommend using 98SE to accomplish this task.  The hardware support is much better, the security is greater (though still lacking, so I would definitely shore up the system with a low-overhead firewall and anti-virus software; generally, I recommend ZoneAlarm and essentially your choice of Anti-Virus solutions - I use McAfee VirusScan), and it will take better advantage of your current system configuration.

Hope you can use this!
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