RED HAT 8.0 smbclient & smbmount (couldn't mount)

Dear Professional,

i have tried to mount the shares which is on windows2000 server with the name "smh" and the server name is "WS10". I have used a command

smbmount //ws10/smh /software/smhsmb

then it asked for the password. i have used the root password, windows administrator password and have checked the permission of the share. everything is ok. I also used empty password but couldn't mount the share

Windows 2000 machine running on WORKGROUP . do i need to run the linux in WORKGROUP? from where i can make the REDHAT linux configure to run in workgroup

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ramazanyichConnect With a Mentor Commented:
try following command:
smbmount //ws10/smh /software/smhsmb -o username=administrator workgroup=WORKGROUP
Personally to mount windows shares, I always use LinNeighborhood (, sure it doesn't look that good (they really should convert it to gtk2).

It is able to browse your entire network, and you can mount shares with specific workgroup/domain users.  Once mounted you can even export those mounted shares to scripts you can afterwards run from bash.

nepkAuthor Commented:
ok but i wanted to do with samba
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nepkAuthor Commented:
from which file can we change the domain or workgroup name
What does smbclient -L //ws10 give? I s the share on w2k available to EVERYONE?
ransonebConnect With a Mentor Commented:
try this

mount -t smbfs -o username=thenameondestinationbox,password=passwordondestinationbox //ws10/smh /software/smhsmb

I have found that somtimes if smbmount doesn't work, mount -t smbfs does. make sure u use the name and pass of the destination computer.
>  ok but i wanted to do with samba

LinNeighborhood is nothing more than a (handy) GUI for samba, that's all.

If you aren't familiar with smbclient-fiddling from command line (like me), the "export mount" really comes in handy, it simply creates a bash file you can later on use manually.
(that's why I mention it :) )
nepkAuthor Commented:
Dear freind sorry for the late reply. I was busy in some other stuff. I am going toaccept the reply from  "ramazanyich" and "ransoneb". both of you came with the corret reply. is tehre anyway to split the point and assign 50/50 between you.

please reply

nepkAuthor Commented:
EE Page Editor

one more question how do i close my open question. sometime I don't get the proper answer
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