Need to kick out a CashDrawer, connected to an Epson Parallel printer

Iam currently trying to figure out how to kick out a cashdrawer connected to a Epson Parallel printer, the thing is i need to be able to kick the drawer without printing anything. Using commands such as

Printer.FontName = "Control"
Printer.print "A";

Results in paper being feed, which is not very smart if the need to open the drawer say 10 times before actually printing a reciept, so my question is how do i submit the kick drawer command to the printer without triggering the printer driver (which must be the one triggering the feed)

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Ryan ChongConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Opening a Cash Drawer Through Reciept Printer in VB

open a cash drawer in vb6
Ryan ChongCommented:
>>how to kick out a cashdrawer
Try use mscomm control ? You may try to send 10 "0" to the cashdrawer, like:

MSComm1.Output = "0000000000"

refer more to your device on what's the exact API/commands to use.
mSchmidtAuthor Commented:
As i said it is Parallel these do concern Serial
mSchmidtAuthor Commented:
Does someone have an sollution for the parallel version ?
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