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Cannot find server or DNS Error - IE6 SP2...Please help!

Hey guys, first I don't know that much about browser settings, but I can tell you that I have tried everything to solve this annoying error message.
This happens specifically when I try to view some secure info like when you log in to you cell phone company websites to check on your bill, or to check your statements.
But this doesn't happen on my bank's website.
To be completely honest I'm gonna have to mention the name of the website(s)
1- Sprint Pcs, when i go to view my bill, then I get this error.
2- Verizon, when I click on "Sign In", Then I get this error.
One important thing is, that I believe id something internally or something I did to the damn IE.
Because this doesn't happen on Netscape 7.2 - this one works great, but I need IE operational.

***My browser or webpage is not infected or hijacked, because I have scanned it and checked too many times for this stuff and it's clean.

I'm using Windows XP SP2
McAfee Security Center with The firewall.

I tried disableing the firewall, but this proved unsuccessful.
I don't know what to do, I confused by all the answers the other forums gave me, besides I don't wanna kill IE or worst, my expensive computer.

Thanks in advance.

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1 Solution
Asta CuCommented:
How to configure the Pop-up Blocker in Internet Explorer

You receive a "The page cannot be displayed" error message when you access a Web site that is hosted on a Windows XP SP2-based computer
Asta CuCommented:
The problem sites may also be java-enabled; curious which JavaVM you run ...  This may help...
Mek sure all the java was setup right on IE -  tools, internet options, security, trusted sites, and added the sites you need to the trusted zones. The easy way to do this is to cut and paste the site in the box and say add. Now there is a box that will pop up and say that the site has to have https// prefix to add, just uncheck the lil box that says ( Require server verification ) and it will add that to your trusted sites,  rechecked that box. Then close IE and reopen the page, all the java on that site should now work properly.

If problem persists, and the above links don't specifically resolve the issue; paste a sample problem link here and we can test .... this system runs XP SP2 and all updates with Firewall and tight security settings, so probably a good test.
SarcigonAuthor Commented:
astaec, thank you for trying to solve my problems, but none of the links given above worked and now I'm even more frustrated.
I don't know how to paste stuff on this website.
And I also know for sure that I have all the Java things properly set.
I tried what you told me on your second comment and nothing, nada, zero...
***This issue is being happenining even when I had SP1
so I don't think the problem is SP2.
And I'm sure I must have screwd something up without knowing, because **** just doesn't happen, **** takes time.
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Asta CuCommented:
Have you cleared your cache, including offline content and temporary internet files as well as history files as well as the cookies on your system for SprintPC and the other site you're having problems with?  Clear autocomplete items?
After doing these things, close IE then reopen and log in again with your userID and password to create a new cookie and try ity again.  More here.
Also from their help file this (the site uses Pop Ups, and I suspect that's part of your problem):

Sprint PCS VisionSM Username & Password
Your Sprint PCS VisionSprint PCS VisionSM User Name identifies you as a user of Sprint PCS VisionSM. If you have a Sprint PCS Vision Phone, you were automatically assigned a user name when you signed up for service (for example, yourname01@sprintpcs.com). The main places to find your Sprint PCS Vision User Name are:

On your computer: While signed on to www.sprintpcs.com/manage, look for your user name near the top of the page, alongside your phone number.
On your Sprint PCS Phone: The user name usually appears on the main (standby) screen. You can also look under "Phone Info" on the phone's main menu. On some phones, the user name is called "user address."

Sprint PCS Vision services that involve personal or sensitive information may be protected by a Sprint PCS Vision Password. If you don't know your Sprint PCS Vision Password because you've never created one, don't worry. Sprint PCS Vision Passwords are optional, and you can use most Sprint PCS Vision Services without ever creating this password. (If you use a service that requires a Sprint PCS Vision Password, we'll help you create one at that time.)

To test Java, here (Sun Java VM as well as FAQs and download options).  Perhaps your Jscript.dll isn't properly registered (stab in the dark)...

Back to work, hope this helps you.

SarcigonAuthor Commented:
I have been using the Sprint PCS website for the last 5 years, and I already said that my problem is not with Java.
I got the latest version of this software.
Also this issue extends to other websites when I try to log on to a secure section or view sensitive data such as:
the last bill on my phone acoount or try to log on to the Verizon bill payment section.
I mentioned those two websites because I used them that most, and they are secured.
I do have user ID and password with both websites and I started haveing a problem a few months ago.
That's why I believe this problem was caused by something I changed without noticing the damage.
And believe me when I tell you that I have tried all the tricks, hints and tips known to man.
I even tried to remove IE to re-install it, but this proved unsuccessful since this is the Windows IE  - you know what I mean.
Again thank you for your patience and help, but it's still messed up.
I have to go to work, so I'll be back at 10:30PM EST.

Asta CuCommented:
I'm off to work as well.

You'd be amazed at what the cache can do when not cleaned or corrupted cookies.  The link above also includes their customer service number (free) so they may have some known issues.  I don't have accounts there, and can only share what I found in my research as well as testing the sites and viewing the source which calls for CSS as well as JavaScript.  Settings, plugins and what I've mentioned above should be the solution but as you state... is not.  Uninstall/reinstall never works for me and never has. Repair has worked and keeping things updates.

Perhaps others with more insights will stop by to help further.

I have many secure sites I visit with XP SP2 and all kinds of firewalls and protections and have never experienced this problem; always keep everthing cleaned up, run maintenance and have very tight security settings not to mention deep scanning often with updated viruscan programs and spyware tools.  Wish I had more ideas, but mind is boggled with workload.
Asta CuCommented:
Thank you.


This should help you out, I had this problem last night and tried everything apart from reregistering the dlls (I gave up and did a boot-up repair of the OS in the end, which I hate doing as it's a cop out in my book :) ). I only found this page this morning (bu88er)!

I would say head straight for the end of the answer as you've probably tried all the obvious stuff already. I spent three hours doing this last night for a customer who couldn't display the ebay sign in page, and a few others (ISP, hotmail, etc) as well. The repair worked (sfc didn't), but I can't neccessarily see why installing SP2 would cause this behaviour.

I have SP2, I sign in to ebay and I'm locked down tighter than the proverbial... All I can assume is it is a unfortunate corruption during the install, maybe depending on the state people's PCs are in when applying the update. I applied mine from a clean boot, so maybe there's a lesson.

Alex de Salis
Kypoth Systems Ltd.
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