Can i defragment an hardware RAID (0+1)


I have an Compaq server ML350 with an Compaq Smart Array 5i. The OS ist Windows 2000 Server and runs on an Array 0+1 ( stripset and mirror ).
The Problem is if i write files about 200 Mb the Server needs more then 7 minutes to store the Data!!! All Hardware componets are new ( the hdd's are already changed ). I have started the windows defrag utility and it show's that the drive is 100% fragmented (everything is red), after several times defragmenting there was NO improvement.

My questions:
- Exist there a special tool to defragment a Compay Smart Array RAID System?
- Can i defragment a RAID System ( i mean ist it good or not )?
- Is it an other problem?

Ps.: Sorry for my bad english, if i have something written incomprehensible please tell me. I will try to explain it again/better.
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You 'can' cause since it's a hardware array, the OS looks at the logical drive as a single disk.
But you'll have better results with a product like Diskkeeper (

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Duncan MeyersCommented:
Further to sirbounty's comment, you may need to make some free space before Diskeeper works properly and does a thorough defrag. If I remember correctly, it like to have 10-12% free space on the logical disc.

Expect it to run for some hours...
KakashiAuthor Commented:
On the HDD's are 24% free disk space ( allotted over the HDD's in 10MB ore 20MB peaces).

I thought Compaq ( now HP ) have an tool, which i have not known. On the server runs two softwarepackages for automation & drive and this software react's very critical on not tested software. I can't install a software which is not good tested and supported. Have you ever tested it on critical system?
Second problem is that the software need's Licences which are installed on the drive. If i move ore change it in any way's i cant start the software. ( they are marked as system files so windows defragt do not touch them...)
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sirbounty is right, Compaq/HP don't supply a defragmenter, you have to use the one that came with the OS or a third party one. Looks like the defragmenter you have is faulty, I don't think it is possible for a disk to be 100% fragmented, that would mean that nowhere on the virtual disk would there be two sequential blocks that contained sequential data.
Duncan MeyersCommented:
Depending on what OS you're using, you should be able to download a 30 day trial version of Diskeeper Professional from You can then run it against your discs and get them running well. You can then buy it if you wish...

>Second problem is that the software need's Licences which are installed on the drive. If i move ore change it in any way's i >cant start the software. ( they are marked as system files so windows defragt do not touch them...)
You can mark files that Diskeeper must not move in the software options, so this won't be an issue.

I'd suggest that you download a trial version of Diskeeper Professional, mark the files that must stay where they are and then let the software do its stuff.

FWIW: I've seen backup times better than halved after a defragmentation. It's worth doing.
Sure you can defrag you HD. No you have to! In the past I had a similar promlem on a similar hardware (HP DL380, RAID10) and I used PerfectDisk to correct my problem.

You can download a fully functionnal demo valid for 30 day at:

In my opinion PerfectDisk is the best solution (at least far better than de integrated Win2000 tools, and also better than Diskkeeper). Of course that's me!
I had to tell someone to get PerfectDisk the other day, they were trying to use diskeeper standard to defrag a drive bigger than a terabyte and there wasn't a trial download of diskeeper enterprise to get them past the 1TB boundary.
KakashiAuthor Commented:
the integrated Defrag tool is from the same Company then Diskkeeper. All produkts have the same problem they need 15% free space AT ONE PIECE!!! So i have to kill the virtual Ram and all produks can defrag the HDD's inclusive the integtated defrag tool.

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