How to eliminate error id 105 in event viewer (on startup)?

On startup, I'm getting the following w3svc and smtpsvc errors in event viewer on my Win 2K server sp3:

event id: 105

The server was unable to register the administration tool discovery information.  The administration tool may not be able to see this server.  The data is the error code.

Have tried uninstalling/reinstalling tcpip and IIS 5 as per microsoft instructions (see, but am still getting the errors. The errors don't repeat after startup, however, and IIS seems to be working well enough (for a development server anyway), so I'm wondering if the errors are occuring just because the initial connection to the network is sluggish.

Any advice on how to fix this? Or should I just ignore it?
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MikeMillerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
These error messages appear in the event log if there is a network adapter in the computer but the network cable is not plugged in, or if the network is unavailable. The error messages occur every time you start the computer until the network becomes available (or you plug in the network cable).
The error messages are not recorded in the event log after you connect the network cable and the network is available.
Microsoft has confirmed that this is a problem in the Microsoft products that are listed at the beginning of this article.;en-us;254525&sd=tech
GessWurkerAuthor Commented:
Yes...I came up with the same stuff. And I guess in my case it's just that the network isn't available at a specific point in time (when the error is reported) but IS available shortly thereafter. Wonder if I could switch the order of some services around to prevent the error?

probably doesn't matter
alimuConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Have you tried specifically reinstalling your NetBIOS interface? See very last post on this page http:Q_20998697.html from tpabfk for instructions
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GessWurkerAuthor Commented:
don't think his instructions apply to win 2000 server. think they apply to NT maybe?
sorry - didn't click with the fact that the solution was for IIS 4 (that'll learn me!). basically says if it's not a problem with your network, it's due to IIS not being able to register it's netbios information on the network.

Perhaps try going into your TCP/IP properties, Advanced, WINS tab,
make sure "Enable NetBIOS over TCP/IP" is selected.
If this is already selected try disabling NetBIOS, rebooting, enabling it again and rebooting (cross your fingers and turn around three times).

Of course if you don't want this feature enabled then you may not be able to rid yourself of the errors but you could try enabling it temporarily, letting everything register and disabling it after that (it might work).

the first link you posted is the same info already posted by MikeMiller,  
the second link is the same information i posted (incorrectly) about IIS 4.  
GessWurkerAuthor Commented:
Think I'm gonna throw in the towel on this one. Despite the error messages, IIS is running. I think it's just I've got a louzy network connection loaded with hiccups or my nic is unreliable. It's a development server and I can live with it (it's better than nothing).

I've been to both the links you provided. Nevertheless I appreciate the help.

no problem - try a new network cable - sometimes it's something that simple.
Also try getting whoever looks after your network infrastructure to do some monitoring on the network devices your server is connected up to - you may have a bad port on the switch that's sporadically dumping your connection.
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