Get list of local disk drives from batch script


I need to be able to generate a list of local disk drives that are attached to a system. I need to run this from a batch file, then I will perform various operations on the disk drives in the list.

I have done a bit of research on this but cannot find a way to do this. Please help a UNIX admin solve this Windows issue.

Thank you

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zamotiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I found one that is probably more what your looking for:

fsutil fsinfo drives

All one command.  Yeah, that does it.  

C:\>fsutil fsinfo drives

Drives: A:\ C:\ D:\ E:\ F:\ G:\ I:\ L:\ M:\ N:\ O:\ P:\ R:\ X:\ Z:\
You could try the "map" command, but it gives you a lot of output.  I'm guessing that you need to run commands against the output?  I saw your other post about command-line mailing; related?  If you let us in on the entire story perhaps we could offer more help.

'msinfo32.exe' can do that. Type 'msinfo32 /?' on the command line for more options. It should be like

msinfo32 /category ComponentsStorageDrives /report drives.txt
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jvosslerAuthor Commented:
Mt two questions are not related. In this one I need to periodically test several email alliases that the company has set up. We found that the web administartor (another company) had inadvertantly killed a couple of the many email aliases. We are just attempting to test these periodically.

I did not have a path to msinfo32 but I will begin testing today. Running from the command line gives a pop up window. I have not yet been able to generate a report on disk

I also have not been able to locate the map command. I assume map.exe. A search of the system did not turn up this file and command line queries returned nothing. Can you let me know what the path is to the map command?

>>I did not have a path to msinfo32

Try winmsd as an alias for msinfo32.
jvosslerAuthor Commented:

Although I need the names of only local devices the fsutil command with the "fsinfo drivetype" parameters will allow me to determine if the device is local or remote. I can add logic for this in my batch file. This will get me what I am looking for.

Thank muchly

Happy computing


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