how do i configure one nic to handle network and other to handle internet?

i have two nic in one computer. One nic supplies a direct broadband connection the other places the computer on a network, but that same card also supplies internet thru the cetwork connection. The problem is the this connection is slower and takes over as the internet source. I would have to disable or place the computer off the hetwork some how to get the computer to use the proper broadband.

how do i keep the computer on the network but make a specific card responsible for internet access?
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TRobertsonConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It can all be fixed if you correctly setup DNS, Subnets, and Gateways within your nics.  For the nic on your network do not specify a gateway.  This will assure that it will only communicate with other devices on the subnet.  For the broadband nic configure gateway and dns.  Make sure your subnets do not overlap and you should be routing correctly.
I would stop using 2 NIC for this, and purchase a broadband router.. you can get a basic one, wich is also a 100MB 4 port switch for about 40$..
Your new setup woud look like this:

      Broadband router/firewall
  PC1  PC2  PC3

It would also be alot more secure then your previous setup..
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jonnydollarAuthor Commented:
i have a broadband router at the network. but one of the computers uses another direct broadband connection. so in other words there are two broadbacnd connection in the building. the router is set up at one of em
Oh, why do you need a second one then?.. you could use this

"But the unique dual Internet ports on the 10/100 4-Port VPN Router let you connect a second Internet line as a backup to insure that you're never disconnected. Or, use both Internet ports at the same time, and let the router balance your office's requirements between them for maximum bandwidth efficiency. "

Not that costly too :)
jonnydollarAuthor Commented:
ok Robertson 2 questions

1. would xp allow me to leave the subnet field empty if im using a static address.

2. If DHCP settings are enabled would that make it impossible to cancel the gateway
1. No you can not leave the subnet field empty, leave the gateway field empty.   Just make sure the subnets are not the same for both nics.  
example  + ====bad  +

2. Some DHCP servers (ie. Windows) will allow you to specify the router/gateway to assign to clients, however most router based dhcp servers don't offer as many options.
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