Please help! my images are gone!


I tried to change my code from

<img src="CCImages/FinalCCImages/yellowbutton.gif">


<img src="/CCImages/FinalCCImages/yellowbutton.gif">

so i change from "relative to document" to "relative to site" but my images are gone.  now it does not show up in the browser.

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anandkpConnect With a Mentor Commented:
what u've done indicates that "CCIMAGES" is a directory present in ur ROOT ... Followed by FinalCCImages & then with the yellowbutton.gif
<img src="/CCImages/FinalCCImages/yellowbutton.gif">
the key here is - ur travelleing from root - towards teh gif ...

& not from ur calling document towards teh gif [<img src="CCImages/FinalCCImages/yellowbutton.gif">]
as this wld have meant that u have a subfolder called CCImages in ur calling file directory

generally DW will set up links as relative to document ... but if u can figure out a way to set up a project or a root kinda stuff in DW [i dunno if this is possible] - then the same link wld work in both DW & IE.
is the document in the web root?  If not then the above will not work.

What is the address of the page you are changing?
mdbboundAuthor Commented:

When you say web root do you mean this?:


When I select the yellow button by clicking the  src folder, I go to the above path and once selected this is how it appears in the cfm page


I dont get this site and document relative stuff.  Please help!

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mdbboundAuthor Commented:

the page (one of the pages) where that image should appear is located here:


Tacobell777Connect With a Mentor Commented:
if your domain is for example

and your images are

then you can refer to it absolute like /image/image.gif

if your images are located in

then you can refer to it absolute like /somedir/image/image.gif

absolute is taken from the root, i.e.
mdbboundAuthor Commented:
Hi Tacobell777

I did this /somedir/image/image.gif

It did show up in IE but in DW it has that grey torn paper image.  Is this usually the case?

or i am not doing things right?

it depends, if DW can find the web root and how you have it setup.
also if part of the path is dynamic then DW will not find it, i.e. #webRoot#/image/
mrichmonConnect With a Mentor Commented:
When I say the page address I mean on the web.

How do you access in Internet Explorer?

If you are using the DW preview then it is possible they will not show up.

Try pushing your files to the live server (both page and image) and then see if they are accessible directly from the browser.
mdbboundAuthor Commented:
Thanks Mrichmon and anandkp and tacobell777

I will do as Mrichmon suggested, right now i have bigger problems.  

I appreciate all your help and quick response.  I'll let you know when i can get back to this issue.
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