Paged Fault in non paged area 0x00000005

Running XPand am getting paged fault in nonpaged area 0x00000005.
ANy ideas
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Try that link.

It could also be possible that your error'd sp2 upgrade has corrupted some drivers.
If the link doesnt help try a windows XP repair from the CD.
whiwexAuthor Commented:
Get this after boot up. It happens in safe mode also.
is that the entire error message?
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here is someone with the same problem...try the accepted answer on that section
I've seen in a few different scenarios - one pc had a bad stick of RAM, and the other was a computer with VNC installed - after uninstalling, it worked ok.

Here is a link to to MS that hopefully will be helpful.
whiwexAuthor Commented:
Its not a 05 its a 50 error. I can load xp and select a id. After I select the id it starts loading and then blue screens to a 0x00000050 page fault in a non paged area. I was able to turn off everything in startup. But it still errors. One other thing this computer started to upgrade to service pack two but error'd. Could this be the cause?
well you stated that it was 05 in your original post and topic heading.
Joseph NyaemaIT ConsultantCommented:
Most stop errors are due to faulty hardware,
try using the following too to trouble shoot the problem
and eliminate the hard disk, controller and memory?
Down Seatools and test the drive for errors

Did you add/upgrade/change any hardware recently?
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