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StartDocPrinter call error on Windows 2003 server

I am currently using a Windows 2003 Server to serve three print devices for a number of Windows XP machines.  We have two HP printers and one HP plotter that are connected to the server via IP address.  Until last Friday (9/24), we had no problems with users printing from these devices.

Suddenly, no one is able to print from any of the devices.  Any job that is sent will eventually time out and show an "error-printing" status in the printer queue.  The jobs can be deleted from the queue with no problem.

In the System Event Log, the following error message appears:
   "Win32 error code returned by the print process 3003.  A StartDocPrinter call was not issued."

At this point, I am unable to print from the server itself, as well as the client machines.  Initially, I thought that the problem might be related to the recent WinXP SP2 download, but since I can't print from the server either, that doesn't appear to be the culprit.

I have removed and readded the printers; stopped and restarted the print spooler; and restarted the server.  Nothing seems to fix this problem!  Any ideas would be very much appreciated.  

Thanks in advance,

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mcorellaAuthor Commented:
Hi Steve,

I had looked at these links before posting my question to the forum, and they really didn't seem to be relevant to the problem I was having.  I talked to our network folks, to see if something possibly could've occured with respect to the network to cause this problem.  They were going to do a little research, but told me about another group here on campus who had a very similar problem with their print devices utilizing JetDirect technology (as mine do).  Apparently, powering down and resetting the devices after 30 seconds fixed the problem.  I gave this a try with one of the printers and it appears to work!

I'm going to ask the moderators to give you 100 points, if possible, for making the effort to help with this problem.

Thank You!
OK, thanks!
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mcorellaAuthor Commented:
I am also experiencing the same problem.  I think it might be caused by some hotfix update that Microsoft provided.  I print directly to an IP port and printing has stopped suddendly.  I did all the same things as mcorella with similar results - no printing.  I can ping the printer fine.  Other clients can print, but not from my Windows 2003 Server, Standard Edition.  I am going to start backing out hot fixes to see if one of these is the culprint.  I will let you know what I find out.
Regards ... Alan Harper
For me, the problem was the same when printing directly to an IP port on 2003 Standard as cyberteach was.

The solution was the port settings:

In printer properties, go to Ports TAB
Click "Configure Port"
Make sure Protocol is LPR (not RAW)
Queue name: lp

The printer I had problems with was a Xerox Workcentre Pro 90
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