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mac to pc

What is the easiest way to create connection between mac and PC (same location)
just to transfer files from one computer to another one,
I don't know networking at all.
1 Solution
Are the two PC's on the same network?  Plugged into the same hub or switch?

If so, you can use FTP to host the shared files on the PC, and the use Fetch to retrieve them on the Mac.

Setting up a host using Windows' built-in FTP Software:

Mac Fetch FTP client Software (free):

Download it from:

And how to set it up:

If the computers are not already networked get yourself a router and connect the 2 computers to the router with network cables.  Using a router makes setting up your network easier because it takes care of giving each computer a network address and subnet mask.  Both computers will most likely receive this information automatically.  One the wiring is complete, finish up with tcpip's advice.
What is the MAC's OS?
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Fetch should work with Mac OS7 - OSX
grigor1Author Commented:
OK, I have to clarify;
I am trying remotely work with images on mac
from PC, so I am going to set up
another PC at the mac location and
use pcanywhere to control this second PC.
This way I need to just transfer files between
mac and PC on the same location.
grigor1Author Commented:

My partner will transfer files between
mac and PC
I see.  Perhaps an even easier way to go in that case would be to use an on-line storage service, like this one:

You could load and save files to the online "drive" from both the Mac and PC (using a web browser), and wouldn't need another PC or to use pcAnywhere at all.

Another option would be a USB pen drive - many are compatible with both Macs and PC's - you could save the images from the Mac, then plug it into the PC and go to work.  here's a link to reviews of some pen drive options:
grigor1Author Commented:

Thank you TeeSeePeeEyePee, neat info,
problem is; images is pretty big, so I have
to transfer about 30 files, every one
about 20M at once.

That rules out the pen drive, but X-Drive (the online option) will give you 5Gb of storage.  Of course, transferring 600Mb (30 X 20Mb) online is going to take a while, whether it be through pcAnywhere, FTP or an online drive.  Another option to look at would be a USB drive that supports both Mac and PC - along the lines of the pen drive, but with greater capacity and a lot more speed than file transfer:
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