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Acronis True Image Drive Or Norton Ghost ?i

Hello Guys.
I have a network that consists of the following
1-windows 2000 server (data server) that acts like a file server - Users data & applications data.It is a a domain that has
dns and DHCP enabled.
another windows 2000 server that is also a domain controler ( Communication server) that has ISA server and Exchange Server and SQL Server on it.
(SQL is only for testing purposes for now).
This server has also DNS and DHCP installed
Both servers replicate perfectly.
My event viewers are clean except for the Mxrb error (for the election of master broswer bug).
My network is of 25 workstations.

I am backuping up my data (around 20GB) everynight from one server to another , so every server by itself contains all data.
on top of it , I have bought a Firewire HDD of 200GB and am doing a daily backup on it (only changed files ) using Backup magic.
It is a truly nice piece of software !

Now.my pb.
I need a way to create an image of those servers as they are so in case of failure or whatever , I can simply plug in the new HDD and boot !
I was thinking to get a new HDD similar to the one I have installed on each server , install it and make a "clone" of the actual setup and then uninstall that HDD
and keep it for emergency.
If anything happens , I would just need to exchange HDD and just update my Data files.

Is this doable ? is it the the least time consuming ??
Please advice.

I really need a good way to do this.because It took me some time to fix all this setup !!

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hmm, i'm not sure if i really understand you.
you need a imaging concpt for your servers???
sql server and acronis... (need to stop sql services)

more informations!!!
pammounAuthor Commented:
each of my server is doing specific job.
the data server is providing space for user folders and applications.
the comm. server provides internet connectivity (exchange server - isa server )
and sql server (for testing purposes only-)

What I need is a way to "clone" the servers HDD so in case I have a pb, I can just get any machine (PC) and plug
that new HDD onto it and I will have then all my settings restored (programs, user rights ....connections...)
All I would need is to copy my last backup of data.

Ghost will be able to do this just fine, just plug in your backup hdd, which should be around the same size for a full backup, and boot ghost up in dos mode, clone the drive (use disk to disk) and remove your backup hdd - so if something goes wrong you can swap it back in just as you suggested. Another option is a raid array, specifically if your motherboards already support it, if you have it in mirroring mode then the second drive is kept as an exact replica of the first, and if either fails the array will switch to one drive automatically, until you can get a replacement.

Just keep in mind that in this case just about any drive imaging/cloning software will do, driveimage or true image will all work fine.
pammounAuthor Commented:
which version of Norton ghost works for the server win2k ??
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