4 PCs using Cisco VPN Client 3.5 software on a LAN with DSL

Hello everyone,

I've had this problem before and am in a jam because I am on location and the agent's office and need this to work.

This office has 4 computers that are on a network that is routed by a Cisco router (not sure of the model yet).  Most agents like the one I am working on now don't opt for the firewall that I can install, but instead choose to use the Cisco VPN Client software that we got with the firewall at the main office.  

This is used to connect them to an i5 (AS/400) that is in the corporate office with the address, it's public address is

In the agents office, I installed the Client VPN software and Bossanova (the emulation program we use to print) on 1 on the PCs.  The other 3 PCs are using the VPN software but use Client Access (IBM's emulation software) which we use for entering data, but not printing.

With that out of the way...I can start the VPN Client on the printing PC and obtain a connection.  I can start the Bossanova and print like I should be able to do.  On the other 3 PCs, I am UNABLE to connect the VPN Client at all.  Even when the printing PC's VPN connection is off, I still can not get the other 3 PCs to even connect.  The VPN Client states that "The remote pier is no longer responding" and the connection fails.  

Why does this happen?  One PC connects and the others will not?  I don't know where to look for a solution...is it the agents DSL router in her office or is it a option on the firewall at our main office that needs to be configured.  

Please pleeeeeeeeeeeeease help.

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inverted_2000Author Commented:

Thanks for the input.  The remote office is an IAD2400 series router.  I'm going to check out with the phone company cause I can't access the device.  If you think that this model is the cause please let me know or I'll repost as soon as I hear.

Most likely. Most consumer routers only support 1 single VPN at a time.
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inverted_2000Author Commented:
Well I thought that might be the cause, but check this out.

I'm sitting in my hotel room right now and am re-imaging an agents workstation.  This is a Hampton Inn and they have WiFi access.  They gave me a network bridge to access the WiFi on the workstation.  So with that bridge, I plugged it into the WAN port of a Linksys BEFSX41 router....on the switch ports I have the workstation on 1 port and my laptop on the other.  Both can access and secure a connection with the VPN Client at the same time.  

Not only am I running through a consumer router, but also the hotel's and it works.  I'm back to ground 0 with this.  

Lets try something else,

Thanks again,
>Linksys BEFSX41
Just because it appears to work with a Linksys BEFSX41 does not mean it will work with an IAD2400..
inverted_2000Author Commented:

but it more then "appears to work..."  it did work.  All I need is for the IPSec protocol to pass through that IAD2400...and allow multiple computers to do it.

It's as if the router logged the first PC's MAC address or something, because that machine that accessed the VPN first is still the only machine that can do it.  

I wish Cisco had a better website...it's hard to find what out need to find there.

Thanks anyway...

You will have to upgrade the IAD 2400 to IOS 12.3 to enable nat-transparency

Search CCO for  - IAD2400 nat transparency -

inverted_2000Author Commented:

I'll get with the ISP that installed it tomorrow or Monday and see if that is the solution...

Thanks for your time and if I find some good news out, I'll award you your points.

Thanks again for finding that for me,
inverted_2000Author Commented:
Hey all,

The router had already been updated to IOS 12.3 and I found out that all ports are open on the router.  I'm back to the starting point with this one.

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