planing for 2 dhcp

I have in my network 4 subnets & 192.1.3...& 192.1.4... Configure with switches and we have just one dhcp we need another one dhcp working and any reservation in the dhcp1 we need it in the dhcp2 and if dhcp1 goes done dhcp2 working and we don't need the user feel any thing.
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MijnalsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hello Dilan2004,

I can write awhole article here for you but microsoft has done this for me. : )

I have used this article to test this at home and it works real fine.


Besides from looking at the article, make sure to have some things straight..

1. Never use the same scopes on both DHCP servers (could cause conflicts)
2. If you create reservations on the first DHCP server and it fails, the machine will loose it's reservation (not that bad i guess, you could create a static ip).
3. Make sure to authorize the new DHCP server so it can assign ip address to DHCP clients.


Sorry but, your points 1 and 2 are not quite right.

1. You can use the same scope on each DHCP server, so long as you exclude one half on one DHCP server and the other half on the other DHCP Server.

2. If you create reservations on one DHCP server you need to create them on the other too!


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Hi James,

Indeed point 1 might not complete, i know you can exclude and use two scopes, only thing i don't get with using excludes, that it's the same as not having two the sanme scopes....

Which kinda like answers the second question to.... But you just might be right about the reservations ( i guess ya are ;))

The idea is to set up the FULL scope on each server and then modify it with exclusions.

You have to do this for the following reasons:

1. Once Scopes are set up they can't be edited, but exclusions can be changed easily.
2. You can only create reservations against a scope that controls the reserved IP so both servers have to have the full scope in order to have all the reservations.


Hi Folks,

Please read the question !!!!!!!!!
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