what is the main causes of freezes on playback of backed up movies on DVD-r disks >>??

what is the main causes of freezes on playback of backed up movies on DVD-r disks >>??

The reason why I ask is >> sometimes I can back a movie up and it will play no problems >> other times I can back the same movie up and burn at the exact same speed and suddenly I will get freezes.

sometimes when I ripp a dvd movie to my hard drive I get read errors in DVD shrink or Decrypter >> every 1s advice is all ways disable errors option on dvd decrypter >> which is ok to getting the movie to my hard drive but in the long term > the read errors are still going to be there.

wot is the best way to deal with certain movies that report these errors when ripping them to my hard drive.

Is there actions I can take which will allow me to cut out these bad frames out so there is no freezes on playback.

I no there is probaly not a guide you can write for me which will Guarante perfect playback every time >> but is there some methods I can take which will give me a higher percentage of my backed up movies playing smoothly every time. ???????

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SunBowConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I dunno, but for my use I fault the OS in how it runs the processes. So I'd call that #1, with the more popularized 'bad media' as #2, and application (burner) at #3.  I'd say among the rare types of problems where user is the lesser problem.  It is possible that you can achieve better results by doing the CD techniques of always select slowest burn rate a product offers as option, procuring better quality media, at cost, and ensuring that nothing else is running on the machine - since it was booted. I say possible, because I have not personally experimented with that part, and I rather asssume you are aware. That includes A/V and cd player, although the latter I'm told is not applicable to all burners. A good scsi card helps. I once had coworker who switched products and now is unaffected by using PC to play tunes while the burner is slugging along. Adding some MHz & MBs wouldn't hurt.
a lot of answered question about DVD and back u are eplained at

if not try www.vcdhelper.org
Plenty of guides and faq
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AkirasLoveChildConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I used to get this problem with 3/4 of the DVDs I'd backup. I bought a full copy of another program (DVD Copy I think it's called) and haven't had any problems since. A lot of people complain about DVD Shrink giving these problems.
Sorry, I meant 1/4 not 3/4 of the DVDs...
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