Sharing extra calendar in Outlook

Hi guys,
I am running Exchange 2000 with clients outlook 2000 and 2003.
My users' personel calendars are shared, so frontdesk people can get appointment fot them.

One of my users has another calendar that she uses for some other purposes, ans she wants to give access to rest of the people.

She gave review permisson to others. When we try to open it from our outlook by Open a shared calendar command and type the name of the calendar , it does not work or display that calendar.

any help on this issue is appreciated?


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fsckedConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You need to give the person/people that need to see the calendar read access to "Outlook Today".
It sounds like one of two things: either the user did not properly share the permissions of that calendar *or* you aren't typing in the proper name of that mailbox when you go to open it from another location.

Try this...
- From her copy of Outlook 2003, click on 'Calendar'
- Select the 'Open a Shared Calendar' link
- Type in the mailbox name (for instance "Project Resources" or whatever)
- Once the calendar is opened, right-click on that link under the 'Other Calendars' heading in the left-hand pane and choose Properties
- Select the Permissions tab and verify that the proper users (or group) has 'Reviewer' permissions
- Click OK and close out

Once that has been verified, attempt to open the calendar from another desktop.  Be sure that the user attempting to view that calendar is one of the users (or groups) who has 'Reviewer' permissions for it.  Also, be certain that you're typing in the name of the mailbox correctly.  I say that because it can be more difficult, in my opinion, to correctly identify the name of a "resource" mailbox vs. a standard user on the network.  Just my $.02.

Hope that's not too much bonehead information...

There is a known bug. If you delegate anything from a mailbox, you HAVE to go into the mailbox you are sharing (or sharing a part of) and right click on "Outlook Today" and select properties. You have to give read permissions to that also for the delegation to work.

Make sure you do that, then guve whatever access you want to the calendar and you will be good to go.
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cakirfatihAuthor Commented:
I made sure that i have the correct permissions and i type the correct name for the calendar.
The calendar that i want to share is not my deafult calendar by the way. I can share my deafult calendar without any problems.

I created another calendar and it is also stored in the exchange server.
When i add the user's mailbox to my outlook, i can see the default and second calendar.

Do people have read rights to the top level of the normal mailbox? Is this calendar in the normal mailbox or is it in a pst?
cakirfatihAuthor Commented:
People do not have read rights on the top level of the normal mailbox. They do not have rights on the default calendar also.
Second calendar is in the normal mailbox
cakirfatihAuthor Commented:
if i give read access to Outlook today, can other users also access other things? such as e-mail folders or contacts?
no, but if they dont have read access to that, then they can't even see they have rights to the calendar. It was automatic in Exchange 5.5 but its a bug in 2000.
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