GPO Pulling from wrong Server

I am trying to implement a GPO.  I am running W2K Server and Windows XP on my desktops.  My first Server AAA001 is in the same office as I am in.  The second Server AAA002 is located in a satelite building.  I created the GPO but it is pulling it from AAA002 instead of AAA001.  This is making my boot time much longer and the GPO is not working.  I ran a command gpresult.exe > C:\gp.txt  This shows me that it is pulling from the AAA002 Server.  Is there a way to force where the GPO pulld from?
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cfairleyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Looking at the config, I would definitely put the DCs in different sites, that will cut down on a lot of logon traffic.  You can also implement the site config without bringing in new server.  BTW, why did you decide to add a new server?  I'm guessing it's going to be added to the building you are in.
I think in order for that to work you will need to set up sites
in the sites and services snapin.

we haven't implemented that here so I don't know too much about it.    

basically you set up subnets with preferred DC's

there might be another way though, and if there is I'm sure one of the good
people here will chime it.
Hello smartin0924,

Just a few questions to ask that will help all who are going to help.

Are the two DCs in the same AD site?

When you created the GPO, did you select AAA001 as the DC to connect to?

It also seems that there could be something wrong with the GPO itself.  Because unless the link between your office and the satelite office is extreamly slow, you should not have a problem applying it.  Could you provide some details on what the GPO does?


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smartin0924Author Commented:
The GPO is basically to redirect the My Documents Folder.   The two DC are in the same AD site.    
How do you map to the Location for my docs? //AAA001/UserA/My Documents
I really dont know why its so slow either...You can specify the server to store your files on so that shouldnt be a factor...It may be DNS related since its login time.
What is the distance, link speed, and more importantly, the available bandwidth between the two servers.  You may have to create another AD site.  Really, you should be authenticating with the server in your building.  I think I would like to eliminate the site issue first and get you to authenticate with AAA0001 first since that is the easiest issue to tackle.
Pulling a GPO from an off-site server shouldn't be that big a deal unless you are connected to it with a modem line.

With folder redirection,  the first time you log on,  it will copy all of the data in the redirected folders to the network share.

my questions are these. the user that you used to test this,  was it a new profile? (empty) or was it one with a lot of data?

also,  during the long wait,  was there a lot of disk activity?

I'm thinking that the workstation was just busy copying the data to the server.
course,  I could be all wet too...
smartin0924Author Commented:

I am currently set up at both sites with a Cable Modem using Road Runner.  2meg down/768 up.  The two sites are about 50 miles apart.  I would like to get the users to authinticate against this server as well(The users located here in this building.)  My que is filling up with individuals compalining of login time.  I am in the process of building another server this week and will implement it this weekend. I will let you know how it goes.


It is currently set up to link to \\aa001\Users\%username%
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