Anomalies on Clients of Windows Server 2000 (Printer Dialog Greyed Out and Network Connections gone)

On some clients when you go to file-print, all the printer options are greyed out including the ability to select which printer you want to use. You cant change it from the default printer even though there are 3 printers installed on the machine.  I reinstalled a machine and reset the group policies for the domain and neither had any affect.  The user is an administrator on the machine.  The user also has rights on the shared printers.

Also when you go to network connections on any machine they are no longer visible.  I am at a loss.
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crissandConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Use gpmc to see a resultant set of policy aplied.
My first guess would be a bad network connection. Check your cabling. Let's rule out the simple things first. If they are greyed out, it means that the PC does not see them at that time. You may also want to try a different port on the hub. The port may be starting to fail.
ludersAuthor Commented:
Oh I was probably unclear.  All connections work it is just that they are not visible. Even if a network connection was unplugged the connection would still be visible under network connections.  They no longer are visible on 30 or so computers with good connections.
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ludersAuthor Commented:
Isnt gpmc only for Windows Server 2003 and Windows XP SP1?
The service pack 1 does'n't require a Windows 2003 license, works on Windows 2000 domain on a XP Sp1 workstation.
ludersAuthor Commented:
Yes I meant Windows Server 2003 or Windows XP SP1.  It doesnt run on the Windows 2000 Server box which, correct me if I am wrong, would be where I would change the Group Policies for the domain.  But all that aside I dont believe Group Policy will solve this problem since I reset all the policies and it did nothing toward a solution. I will try the trouble shooting pages.  
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