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I recently signed up for a Rogers High Speed Extreme account and had it set up. General web surfing is great, super fast, but I have noticied a strange and irritating trend. As soon as I startup any filesharing application (I know you guys hate these;) my connection speed degrades severly. For example, speed tests of the connection before filesharing average about 4300 kbps/sec download, 690 kbps/sec upload ( As soon as I start a file sharing program, uploading at about 16kb/sec (less than half of my average upload speed) my whole internet connection runs only at about 312kbps/sec download, and an as expected 400kbps/sec upload. I  am confused at to why my downlaod connection degrades so severly, considering my fileshariing program is only downlaoding at 20kb/sec max (normally filesharing causes a problem on the upload side). Downloading from websites degrades severely too, to on avg 30 kb/sec. I know Rogers does not use any packet shaping or port filtering on their internet service, and am therefore puzzled as to why this is the case.

I am running a Netgear Wireless G router to provide a wirless connection from which I access the internet, and I have noticed this has no effect on the problem, as even directly linked to the cable modem I am experiecing these difficulties. It is also the same when I disable my firewall as well (Trend Micro PC -Cillin 2004). I am running XP SP2 Pro on a Dell Inspriron 8200 2.4Ghz/1Gb Ram laptop. I have played with my TCP IP registry settings and have still found it to be unhelpful in solving my problem.  I am hoping that you may have a solution or reason as to why this is occuring. My High speed express connection last year fared far better than my current, and yet was slower on average (2.3mbps/340kbps).

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The number of incomming sessions is probally too high....this happens frequently with file sharring apps...even if you set the app to only accept say 5 incomming connections...the web users will open a session with your computer before being turned away...this high volume of incomming connection will cause the modem to stop allowing future session until the session are ended...this can take a while...

2 suggestions:

Stop sharing files (I am not saying to stop downloading....just stop sharing) <-----ooohhh this is gonna get me flamed

if you feel that you need to share...limit your sharing to just a few files.

This should lower your incomming sessions and stop your modem from killing over.
Do a quick search online and it will turn up that this is a Rogers Extreme problem.  The company has had problems for a weeks with doing uploads and downloads simultaneously.  If you call Rogers, they should be aware of the problem by now.  Advise would be to call them and see where they are in the reparation of the problem.

KDakinAuthor Commented:
I emailed Rogers tech support at the same time I posted this question. They basically said to limit the amount of files I was sharing. That's fine and alll,  I will tweak my settings, but it just bigs me that my Express Connection last year faired better than my extreme connection this year. Also I believe it may have something to do with my Netgear router simply no beign able to handle it. I had the luxury of having access to my own T1 this summer, running off of a Cisco 2600 router. Of course it did not go down once, because of the solid line/equipment. I see that the Linksys Wireless G router has hacked firmware available for throttling your connection. Would it be worth the money for someone like me to switch?

Thanks a  lot for the help guys.

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