Looking for a "Canned Response" type program...


I used to use a program called Canman Canned Response Manager at my old work.  Now, at my new job, I could really use a program like this.  I'm looking for a program that's free or real cheap, that I can use to keep certain text in there that I use frequently, so that I may paste that text into whatever I'm typing.  With Canman, it would run in the system tray, you'd right click it and you'd have your list of choices.  I want something that works similar to that.  I would like to have it be as few clicks as possible.  Any ideas?  Thanks.

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sunray_2003Connect With a Mentor Commented:

Is this what you are looking for ?

mark-waAuthor Commented:
By the way, I have searched the internet and cannot find the actual Canman program anywhere, so I'm thinking it may have been created by someone at my previous job or by someone for the company I worked for.  Thanks.


I presume you have a paragrapgh of text or something similar that you just want to paste into an email or a form or someting similar.  As an example I want to have some text in all my emails but I want to press a couple of keys at the same time to just paste it in there at any time.  Or to type something anywhere really or actually even better to record keystokes and mouse movements and then just by pressing some hot keys I can replay the action.

Well in that case you in luck I am not sure about freeware but if its productivity your after then I suggest you use a macro program such as these two:


You can trial these programs and they are not that expensive.  You can get the program to basically automate anything you want to do including pages and pages of text by simply recording macros.  These macros are then replayed by the user -> you pressing some predefined or hotkeys chosen by yourself.

check them out I think you will like

Best of luck


mark-waAuthor Commented:
Good one sunray!  That is perfect!  Thanks for your help too pjcrooks2000, but SR's solution was exactly what I needed.  Thanks again!

You are welcome , Mark
Just tricked google to get the one u needed
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