Cannot reinstall Canon MultiPass4 printer due to CRCs

After 2 days online w/Canon Tech & them telling me this was not a printer problem but an Windows XP problem I have yet to resolve this issue. My printer all of a sudden quit communicating w/my cpu.  So on instruction from Canon I attempted to uninstall & reinstall w/o success. I keep getting CRC errors on four files remaining in the Canon directory. I cannot even do a forced install. It will not let me delete an icon on my desktop either. I'm lost & very frustrated. The hdd I have is fairly new.  Less than one year.  Help! Help!
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Does the same errors occur doing in safe mode ?

Can you try doing this to see if it would help

To start with what error or problem you faced that made you reinstall driver for the printer or even wrok on the printer ?

Can you change printer cable to see if that helps ?

Can you connect this printer to a different machine to see if that would help ?

Asta CuCommented:
Sunray, please check your Feedback items for this question and maybe paste it here.  

robdia ->  Rather than adding information to this question using the Feedback option, please respond in this question thread.  Although we all appreciate getting Feedback, we do not get Email notifications for Feedback comments yet.  When you get an Email notice that something was added to your question, just follow that link and comment in the comment box instead.

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The next link is one you would use when you need site-related help (vs. technical questions).

":0) Asta
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Here it is

The following is the comment from robdia which was copied and pasted from my Feedback area.

I am new to this website, so I hope this is the way that I answer your questions.
I have tried safe mode.  Same results.
I began the process of working on the printer because it quit working.  I checked all the connections.  Everything, according to my computer, was functioning properly.  I contacted Canon tech support and they suggested I uninstall the printer and reinstall it.  When that did not work, they suggested a forced install.  When I tried this, it brought up the CRC file error.  They suggested I delete the files in question, they would not delete.  These files are: DTM4.DLL, MpAbout.ini, mpservic.exe, and ShUpdt.exe.  These files will not delete from the Canon directory.  
When I disconnect the USB cable and reconnect, instead of bringing up the Add Hardware screen it brings up my Webshots screen.  I haven't even approached resolving that issue.
I have not tried changing the printer cable.  I will try that.
I do not have another machine to connect the printer to.  The printer itself runs fine.  It is a multi function priinter.  The fax, copier and scanner work fine without connection to the printer.

Asta, I am curious to know how did you figure that the user had commented there..  
Asta CuCommented:
I hit the wrong button and got your profile, LOL.  I purposely check my Feedback manually often because this type of thing does happen often to me where comments are not in the questions, but posted in feedback instead, so also need to cut/paste and advise or Askers think we're not responsive. More shortly on YIM.
No comment has been added to this question in more than 21 days, so it is now classified as abandoned..
I will leave a recommendation in the Cleanup topic area that this question is:
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Any objections should be posted here in the next 4 days. After that time, the question will be closed.


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Asta CuCommented:
hdhondt ->  Thanks for your cleanup work.  This is the only question ever asked by this individual and never did get back here to complete this process, other than the Feedback posted above ...   I suspect that has the process been done in SAFE MODE and all HW/SW and drivers deleted and the process Sunray defined above, it would have helped resolve this; so would propose points go to Sunray for this to close.  Sure would be great to get Asker feedback.
":0) Asta
Couldn't agree more about the feedback, astaec...
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