CD ROM drive conflicts system startup

Hello Experts!  I have a problem booting up my computer as in no beeping sound, no display even the POST, even the monitor power switch indicator light is color orange.  But the CPU's powers supply is working and I know that there is power supplied for the computer.  The first thing I notice is that the CD ROM's light keeps on blinking.  I assumed that there is a CD inside that might have caused the problem, so I pressed on the eject button.   I did not found any CD in it but, suddenly the computer started to bootup...WEIRD!!! (CD ROM tray still open)  The computer started normally but when I to closed the CD ROM tray the computer shuts down automatically (making it on its state as I described above).  I opened the CD ROM tray again and the computer started again but this time I went to CMOS set up to check the settings.  I set the configurations to "Optimal Settings".  Saved the new CMOS settings and restarted the computer,  still no development.  I still need to open the CD ROM tray  in order to boot up properly.  By the way, my mother board is an ECS P4S5A.  Next thing I did was to change my IDE cables.  Instead of making CD ROM drive as a primary slave, I changed it to Secondary Master.  Same thing with the jumper settings.  Started the computer but still no effect.  CD ROM tray should be open in order to start the computer properly.  I ended up removing the CD ROM drive, now my computer boots up properly unfortunately without a CD ROM.  

I tested the CD ROM drive to other working computer and it worked fine.  I even installed programs using it.  Other working computers did not reacted good.  With the CD ROM drive installed, cmos could not detect the hard drive.  WEIRD!!!! I removed the CD ROM drive and the computer started properly.

What could be the problem?  I think its the CD ROM drive.  I just dont have an idea on waht part of the CD ROM drive that cause the problem.  

If not the CD ROM, what could have cause the problem?

Thank you.
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Ignacio Soler GarciaSolution Architech & Technical LeadCommented:
Just follow this process:

a) Check that the motherboard side of the IDE cables is fitted ok. Press them to be sure and restart the system, if this dont work go to b)

b) With the PC powered off disconnect the power and IDE cables from the all the IDE devices (only by the drive side, leave the motherboard connector inserted) and start the system, it must do the POST without problems. Now shutdown again the PC and connect the CDROM to the power and IDE cable of the main HD drive (we know that both cables are ok because the system boots ok) and boot the system again. If the system has the same problem you know that the problem is with the CD-Rom unit. If its in warranty just take it to the dealer and if not just put it on the bin.

c) If the system boots ok with the CD on the HD place you know that the problem is:
     - With the power supply not giving enought power.
     - With the power cable having a short cut (maybe with the door open only one power is used 5V or 12V and with it closed both works).
     - With the IDE cable being damaged, try to change it with another one.

I hope that this help, we wait your comments here!!!

Have luck!
possibly a bad cable, inspect it closley for broken\bent pins, exposed\broken wires. (or just try another cable).

test another drive on the motherboard for possible controller issues.

if it were to appear to be a motherbaord controller issue try clearing cmos by moving the jumper or removing the battery for about 15 minutes with the ATX power connector removed from the board.
I wonder if it is a power supply problem.

This is an internal CD-ROM? If so, it might be that you are putting just a bit too much load on a power supply that is already on the edge. If the CD-ROM is flashing with the door closed, it  seems it might be trying to do something it isn't when the door is open - and using just a bit more power in the process.

Can you unhook other devices from the system and try the CD-ROM then?
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you will have to determine what is causing it by using a process of elimination, so stry swapping out the parts you suspect : cd drive, power supply, disk, even video card and others...
Did this happen spontaneously, i.e. did the system (with the CD unit) work OK until at one time it didn't work anymore?

It certainly seems the CD unit is carrying the problem with it and the most efficient solution is to ditch it and get another one. Couuld be something with spindle motor having temporary seizures or the tray motor not switching off in the "closed" position. You'd need to open it up and feed it proper voltages and see what happens if you want to pinpoint the bad component. Probably not worth the effort...
Lets see,
Computer that will not boot with the CD ROM tray open we will call this computer A.
Computer that is fully functioning that you put the CD ROM Drive from a into and it worked and you installed programs with it we will call this computer B.

When you installed the CDROM Drive from computer A into computer B and it worked, did you put the CDROM drive from computer B into computer A to see if it would work?
iskobaltAuthor Commented:
Thank you for all your support, Anyways...


Well, I tried your suggestion, clearing the cmos by removing the battery (with the ATX cable power connector removed on the motherboard).  I put back the battery as well as the ATX power connector and plug in the CD ROM drive (allegedly defective).  Still the computer did not boot up properly.  Im sorry, but I only removed the battery for 20 seconds.  I will do the procedure again and do it for 15 minutes.  I will keep you posted.  

I think it's not a bad cable because I tried to install other working CD ROM drive using the same IDE cable and it worked.  I was then able to startup the computer without a problem.  Still I will try to use other IDE cables.



I think it is not a power supply problem, because the computer boots up properly when I installed other working CD ROM drive (internal CD ROM drive).  
Devices installed in the computer are video card and a LAN car only.  sound card is integrated in the mother board.  


Yes, it is a new problem of the computer.  I know that the CD ROM drive is the one that causes the problem.  But, Im not conviced that the said CD ROM drive is defective because when I try to install it into other computers the said CD ROM drive did not interferes with its startup.  


Will try your suggestions. Keep you posted.


some corrections....  "Computer that will not boot with CD ROM tray OPEN we will call this computer A."

I think it should be...."Computer that will not boot with CD ROM tray CLOSE we will call this computer A.

Yes I did try to install the CD ROM drive from computer B into computer A.  It worked,   computer A boots up properly.

Ignacio Soler GarciaSolution Architech & Technical LeadCommented:
Another idea Ihad, maybe the firmware of the CD-Rom has a bug that only happens with some  IDE controllers, maybe can you post here the model of the CD-Rom to check if there are some updates for it?

I had one problems like this one with a wrong mother board but if this happened with more than one mobo I suposse that the problem is elsewere.
iskobaltAuthor Commented:
ooopps.. im sorry my comments for the accepted answer did not appear.  Anyways, I was able to identify the problem when I changed the power supply.  It really is not providing enough power to all devices.  Actually, the thing that made me change the power supply is when the computer can longer start even at POST.  I removed the hard drive and the the floppy drive and reboot the computer.  The computer started but only up to the POST.  Then I decided to replace the power supply.  Now the computer is running smooth.  

Thank you experts and more power.
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