Image conversion bmp to jpg,gif,tif,png,bmp

I have a picturebox which has a bmp image i want to convert the bmp image into gif,jpeg,tif,png format.I searched the web for this, i found few dlls.Those dlls are eval,retail copies.Using these copies i cant build a exe.Can i have a code that converts bmp to gif,jpeg,tif,png so that i can build an exe.

Thanks in advance.                                            
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If you are on win98 try this soln.
You don't get this in win2000

Add Kodak image edit control (Project >> components >> kodak image edit ) to yur form.
load the image file into the edit control


Save the image in the format you need

imgedit1.savepage ............

There are options in savepage method.
Go thru them for each file format, filetype, and compression type.

On the form, Click on the imgedit control.
Press F1 to get full help...
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Use GDI+ type library for converting Images from one format to other. Please download gdi+.tlb from
then write this code you can save image in all types.

Private Sub cmdSave_Click()
  Dim dblPercentage As Double
  Dim lIndex As Long
  On Error GoTo errorhandler
  Set bmpOut = New cBitmap
  Set graphic = New cGraphics
  If bmpIn.Handle <> 0 Then
    cdl.CancelError = True
    cdl.Flags = cdlOFNOverwritePrompt
    If LenB(cdl.FileName) Then
      ' GDI+ bug, must delete old file first
      If LenB(Dir$(cdl.FileName)) Then Kill cdl.FileName
      dblPercentage = hsbResize.Value / 100
      bmpOut.CreateFromScan0 bmpIn.Width * dblPercentage, bmpIn.Height * dblPercentage, 0, bmpIn.PixelFormat, 0
      graphic.GetGraphicsContext bmpOut.Handle
      lIndex = bmpIn.ExtensionExists("*.bmp")
      If lIndex > -1 Then
        graphic.SetInterpolationMode InterpolationModeHighQualityBilinear
        graphic.DrawImageRectI bmpIn.Handle, 0, 0, bmpIn.Width * dblPercentage, bmpIn.Height * dblPercentage
        bmpOut.SaveToFile cdl.FileName, bmpIn.EncoderGuid(lIndex), 0
      End If
    End If
  End If
  Set graphic = Nothing
  Set bmpOut = Nothing
  ' err silently
End Sub

You can also use Kodak ImageEdit , Kodak Image Admin controls and save Image as you want.

feel free to contact more.
Dear Sorry

You can also download code from this


Osman Ishaque
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