What hardware +

Client with a small office network as follows:

1 XP Pro machine used as server - downstairs in room 1

1 XP client machine downstairs in room 2

2 XP client machines upstairs in room 3

3 XP client machines in room 4

May want to add to these later.

I have 6 CAT5 cables installed in the walls from the server room to the rooms with the client machines. I do not want to use wireless.

Want to network all together with ADSL dialup BT Braodband (UK)

What modem router would I use? The only ones I can find only have 4 lan ports. Such as the Netgear DG834 which is adsl modem, router and 4 port lan switch combined.

It's importqnt that all PC's have full access to the server PC and ADSL access to the internet.

Help, advice, recommendations, full instructions etc. appreciated very much.

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The number of lan ports on the router is not that critical as you can add a small switch which is linked to the router.  If you go the Netgear way the fs108 or fs116 switch will do just plug it into one of the router lan ports.  I believe the netgear will autosense that it is plugged into a router.

ADSL line-------DG834-----FS108-------networked PCs

The netgear looks like it would do the job, I have also had good success with the Linksys WAG54G (although the linksys gets mixed reviews, I have found it great )

Minimal config (low cost):

Client 1 --- \
Client 2 ----\   _________                           ======
Client 3-----    |  Switch  | ----------(eth0)--/ Server / (ICS+Firewall or ISA)
Client 4----/     ------------                         ======
..........                                                           |
Client n---/                                                     |
                                                        (internal ADSL modem)
                                                                      ---------------------------->> ISP
You  must "firewalling" in the best way your server ! Default gateway will be the server for all the LAN, but for the Server !
For the best configuration ( very secure ), the switch must be a L3 with routing, Client K and server are communicate inside a VLAN, in switch you can connect a ADSL router firewalled !
Sure, for the drawed 'configuration', you can use even a hub !
You could keep the cost down by using an ADSL modem/router combined which has a firewall on it.  The WAG54G has such a firewall.
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SMC Barricade Broadband Router  will solv all your problems !
If you are in UK, you can buy it here :

Description : http://www.smc-europe.com/english/products/broad.html  ('Barricade VPN Router')

(Nota: with an external xDSL / Cable Modem ; total cost around £100 )
This Link will Help You out with Picture assistance.


Look under :   Figure 4: Broadband Internet connection sharing using a hardware router with separate switch and modem

Hope this Helps

here is another one that should work

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