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my computer says that my drive capacity is 100MB, not 40GB


I just realized a weird thing happen in my computer. I have 80 GB SATA drive, that I divide using 2 partition : 36 GB, and 40GB
However, instead of having 40GB my D drive only has 100 MB according to My computer and explorer. And it's not just miswriting, when it approached 100MB, the computer starts tellling me that I need more space.

I partitioned using PartitionMagic 8.0, and I just tried to rezised it again. And nothing change. But, in partition magic it correctly identifies both of my drive. Same thing when I using disk defragmenter from windows. It even says: Capacity 100 MB, Free Space : 24.9 GB, and % of Free Space is 25500% !!!..

I didn't install anything new currently, but I know that windows update has trying to download SP2, but somehow when it install, it fails.
Do you think it has something to do with this ?

1 Solution
Sorry if this is too obvious to be worth posting, but have you tried running a chkdsk on the hard drive?  Command Prompt >> chkdsk C: /f

Substitute C: for the appropriate drive letter, if necessary.
fdisk and format.
Are disk quotas set on the partition?
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andybatmanAuthor Commented:
yes, i tried error..seems ok..
I got too much data on that drive, so format will be my last option.

Yes, they are set on the partition. This issues really intrique my curiosity, I had lots of problems before. But I have no clue about this one.

If you click on the quota entry button it will show quotas set for every user that has logged onto the machine. It will also show quotas set even though they are not enabled.
andybatmanAuthor Commented:
you right. My computer is one of the workstation for the domain. I set the domain's user to have 100 MB limit. But I didn't realize that the it effects the local user.

thanks a lot
If you set the quotas in the domain policy it will effect the user and every one that logs on that machine. If you are trying to set quotas on a shared file server you will need to set that at the drive itself.
andybatmanAuthor Commented:
The drive itself ? that's what I did. Or maybe I misuderstood you. Could you ellaborate more ?

Disk quotas that is enabled on the domain group policy will effect every computer on the domain, regardless of who logs on to whiich ever computer.  If you enable disk quotas on the physical drive of the file server it should just effect that drive.
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