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I have a flash file that is made to fit 800x600.  But if the user is viewing it at a larger resolution, lets say 1024x768, I have a background image that will fill the rest of the browser, withOUT the main flash piece stretching.  

So my question is how do I have a flash file expand to fit a larger resolution without stretching the flash file. I would like it to be centered and have a background image reveal.

I hope this makes sence.  Below is a link to an example of what Im talking about.



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muso120999Connect With a Mentor Commented:
>  Can you post an example?

Okay, it ain't pretty (I just bodged it very quickly), but should give you the idea...


The zip file has the FLA in it (MX 2004 pro).

Also the height fix I mentioned only works in IE, you would need to figure out something else for Mozilla browsers (again, let me know if you want me to look into that) - I can't remember what DOCTYPE it should be, most dont support heights.  Otherwise you could generate the width and height of the movieclip with JavaScript, and keep the NoScale option.

I'll check out the other question too...
Go into the publish settings:

set Dimensions to 100% by 100%
set Scale to No Scale
leave Flash alignment at centre

I also edited the generated html to remove the first line (DOCTYPE), this makes the flash fill the browser vertically.

 if you want a sample, let me know

Forgot to say, that you can then put the image behind, in the Flash movie - with the centre point of the image at the centre of the document area.
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mtb007Author Commented:
Can you post an example?  Thanks for the speedy response.
mtb007Author Commented:
I also have another question that I posted.  If you could help me out there too, i'd greatly appreciate it.

Are both answers satisfactory, or are you needing something more?
mtb007Author Commented:
Perfect, thanks!
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